Sunday, April 3, 2011


Last week was a total wash.  I mean complete. and. total. wash!  I didn't work out even one day!  Well, unless you count Friday and Saturday walking all over a theme park and back again!  My feet are KILLING me today and don't get me STARTED on my calves {HILL is officially a 4-letter word in my book}.

But ANYWAY.  Weeks end up like this sometimes.  I have reasons {ahem.... EXCUSES} that it ended up this way.  The good thing is, I'm not going to have another week like it!  THIS week is going to be GREAT!  The weather is looking POOPY so it looks like a treadmill week.  K-Lo's baby is out of the hospital so hopefully that means we'll get to have our Army Wives workout.  My freighbor isn't teaching preschool this week so we'll be on the treadmills.  Everything is set for a great week of caloric burn!

And on THAT note.  That's ANOTHER thing that's going to change.  We've indulged a little more than normal lately and I feel ICKY!  Seriously.  I feel heavy, greasy, frumpy and crappy.  Enough of the sweets and unnecessary snacking.  I'm going to EAT the good breakfasts I make for the kids.  That alone will help me throughout the day.  I'm going to drink more WATER {even if it is far from the perfect water of the valley}.  I'm going to take my vitamins. 

Simply put, I'm going to make better choices this week and I KNOW it will result in me feeling A LOT better next week than I do at this moment!  And I'm very much looking forward to it.  


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