Friday, April 15, 2011

One Word

I have a word.  I have a couple words actually.  Words that motivate and inspire me. 


This became my word in December 2009.  That month we found out that Travis got in to the Army.  That month I started training for my first marathon. 

It helped me while Travis was gone for 5 months training.
when I had to step up and play role of Mom & Dad
when I laid in bed at night feeling so lonely, sobbing myself to sleep
when Angela & Wylie passed away 
when we had to move away from family

It helped me train to run 26.2 miles!
when my feet were covered in blisters
when my toenails turned black and fell off
when my toes would bleed and bleed, through my shoes, every run
when I had to get up SO EARLY for those long Saturday runs
when I had to run that beast of a hill {training and race day}

I have realized that I am SO much stronger than I EVER realized.  I can do harder things than I ever though I could do. 

I rely on Travis so much and I always looked at people who's husbands traveled for work and I would say, "I could NEVER do that", "I need Travis too much to have him gone for a week at a time", "I would fall apart".  Well.  I did that, in spades!  And I didn't fall apart.  He was gone for a long time; and he'll be gone for even longer!  And everything will be okay.  Because I am STRONG and I can do hard things!

I ran not one, but TWO marathons last summer!  I logged HUNDREDS of miles training up for them.  I ran 2 half marathons, and I lost count of how many 10K & 5Ks!  I ran my guts out last year.  And I have NEVER felt SO GOOD!  I felt like a MILLION BUCKS!  I felt SO STRONG!  I KNEW I was STRONG!  And it's only just begun!  I have some GREAT races planned this summer!  I may not run THAT much every year but I will always be a runner.


It was August of 2005 when this became "my" word.  I was at one of my lowest points mentally.  I was struggling with postpartum depression.  Our dear friend, Jeb, was getting married to Ann.  We made the drive, with three very small children, to the Washington coast.  The wedding was one of the most beautiful I've been to but that's not where my word came to me. 

My dear husband was doing EVERYTHING he could to help me. 
He suggested I take a walk on the beach. 

It was a typical overcast Washington day with a gentle breeze. 
I ditched my shoes and at first just walked on the wet sand, just on the edge of the water. 
Something changed in me. 
I was so tired of the horrible thoughts and images in my head. 
I wanted to get far away from them! 
I started running. 
I ran and ran
until they all went away 
on my walk back I felt peace 
I felt HAPPY!  

That moment changed my life. 
I am still running 
I am still happy
And I love it that way!

Do YOU have a "word"?  What is it?        


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