Monday, March 30, 2009

Get in the ZONE!

My Mother-in-law got me way EXCITED to read a book by Robin McGraw called "What's Age Got to do With It?". I can't wait to read it.

So she talks a little bit about your optimum workout zone. On ourP90X workouts {which were put on hold the last few days this week due to being sick, UGH... still; but that's another post} Tony Horton is ALWAYS reminding us to check our heart rate monitors {which we don't have} to make sure we're in the zone. And I vaguely remember hearing about the ZONE before; so I did a little searching and here's the scoop.

In Robins book she gives perfect instructions to find YOUR zone. I'll try to sum-up. But you'll probably just want to get the book anyway cause it sounds AWESOME! Anyway.... here's what you do:

  1. Get your RESTING HEART RATE. Do this before even getting out of bed. Either use a heart rate monitor {suggested} or find your pulse, count for 10 seconds and multiply by 6 to get your beats per minute. The second method isn't as accurate but will work.
  2. Figure your MAXIMUM HEART RATE. Take the number 220 - your age = your maximum heart rate. EX: 220-28=192
  3. Subtract resting heart rate from your maximum heart rate. This equals your HEART RATE RESERVE (HRR)
  4. Multiply your HRR times the percent that you want to train at {between 60-85% is the BURN-THE-MOST-OVERALL-FAT-AND-CALORIES ZONE} Add that back your resting heart rate.
  5. THAT, my friends, is your optimum workout heart rate.
Let me know if that's confusing. I should put mine on there as an example but I didn't do my resting heart rate. Maybe I'll come back and edit it tomorrow. You can also go to Healthy Forms for a simple calculator. Just put in your age, resting heart rate and fitness activity level.

It really is COUNTERPRODUCTIVE {at least for fat burning} to work over that 85%. Another way to gauge if you're in the ZONE is try to have a conversation. If you're too winded to talk, you're working too hard. Simple right?

FOR BEST RESULTS when working out you need to keep your heart rate up in that zone for AT LEAST 20-30 continuous minutes!!!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Bring It!

Today was day 1 of 90!! A KILLER Chest & Back workout! 6 different kinds of push-ups and 6 different kinds of pull-ups. WOAH! I am feelin it! I am doing girlie push-ups and using the band of least resistance but I'm THERE! I am doing SOMETHING! I'm doing my BEST! {AND I've got a nasty cold!}

A few things that I LOVE about P90X:
* Using the RIGHT weight for the RIGHT job is really stressed... let go of your EGO!!! It's okay that I use the smallest band, it's right for me right now. If it's not hard enough, get a bigger band or heavier weight. Same is true if it's too much.
* GOOD FORM! Even though I'm doing girlie pushups and have to use a chair to help with my pull ups... it's ENCOURAGED!! Because it helps me have the correct form and as I get stronger I do the more difficult exercises.
* OPTIONS! I can use bands or weights. Different variants to make exercises more difficult {or for the moment... easier}

There were a few of these push-ups that I just thought: ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!!! Oh man. Honestly, there was one kind that I could only do 2 of! I'll get there.

I've heard of a few programs {P90X is one of them} that have you take a "Goodbye picture". So I had my husband take some. I didn't look at them {something I have to do, I'm trying to stay positive and that wouldn't help}. I did see all my measurements though. We will take pictures and measurements again at 30, 60 & 90 days! Wish me luck!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


My husband started the P90X program a few days ago. I'm excited for him.

I am debating doing it myself. It's definitely a killer workout and one doesn't start a program like this unless they are ready to "Bring It!". Maybe my reluctance stems from being sick and I definitely DON'T think I could BRING IT right now! I need to though. I'm still doing the turbo-jam-kick-in-the-pants workouts on Tuesdays & Thursdays. But I have found myself slacking on the other days! Working out with my husband would be fun & it would be great to help motivate each other.

So what do you think?

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Got Support?

Having a good SUPPORT system is necessary. And maybe I'll do a blog on that sometime. But the support I'm talkin about is right HERE: I was at my turbo-jam-kick-my-butt session on Tuesday and apparently I've got too much movement goin on! And that is something I DO NOT want; bouncy boobs lead to saggy boobs and I'm not down with THAT! Now typically I am not blessed with a nice rack; I'm pretty flat. But I am nursing. So.... I'm a bit more endowed! I was wondering why the HECK I was sore there; well now I know. I probably should have realized the cause but, yeah... I don't know! So I'm doublin up. Tried it today and I think it worked... for now

So I got looking up stuff about sports bras, the effects of the lack thereof and how to get the right fit. Here's what I've got. Go HERE, HERE to read the full articles.

*Sports bras reduce PAIN & VERTICAL MOVEMENT by 50% {than not wearing one at all}

*The breast DOES NOT have structural support, stretches easy and leading to sagging, even if your SMALL!

*You should NOT need to wear TWO!! {I realize I need to get one that will work all by itself but two is going to have to do the job until I find one that will work well enough. I figure that's better than wearing only one that isn't doing the job!}

*Your sports bra should fit SNUGLY under your breasts but should NOT be too tight. Make sure your breasts fit ENTIRELY inside {not the time to show off that voluptuous cleavage}! Shoulder straps should not DIG into your shoulders.

Go to RUNNERS WORLD for some awesome little articles on how to get the right sports bra for you & your workouts.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Eat Better America

I love this website: I got a ring from them about a year ago that is AWESOME! It's light blue plastic {kinda like the livestrong bracelets} and says Eat Better. It came with a list of things that we should remember.


* to eat something green every day.

*that grasshopper pie doesn't count.

*that health club memberships are more valuable than clean plate memberships

* that carrots are good for your eyesight

* that whole grains are a whole lot better

* that elevators are optional

* that size doesn't matter, unless you're talking about portions

* that good habits can be as hard to break as bad ones

* that it's humanly possible to only eat one piece of pizza

* that if you're fifty, you might only be halfway there

* that eating better meals today, means eating more meals down the road

* to eat better America

Nike Trainer

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