Saturday, April 30, 2011

Ab Challenge

I am HOOKED on Bob's workouts. I love his DVD's. I hope you're USING these snippets!! This core challenge is no exception. LOVE IT!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Border Crossing

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The First Day of the Rest of your LIFE!

I wish I could carry this around with me all the time and play it to myself and others at that moment when it's needed most!!  

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Core Challenge

OOhhh boy is this a good one! Be SURE to do THIS today!!! It's ONLY a few mintues!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Diet or DIET?

Tonight I went over to a friends house.  She had a little class on Nutrition and it was SO good to have a few reminders and learn new things about diet; not the four letter DIET word that I hate.  There is a BIG difference, at least in my book.  DIET is something {may or may not include a drink, pill or magic cure} that someone tries out for a short amount of time {and may even lose - or gain - an enormous amount of weight}, the quick fix.  Diet REALLY should be PRACTICING good eating habits based on what you need to meet your goals.  It's a complete LIFESTYLE, meaning you do this FOREVER, not just until you meet your goals!!!

So here is a quick version of the 2 hours that we were there!

Let's start with caloric intake.  Here's how to figure out how many calories you should be eating every day.   

Body Weight ______ x 10 = ______ BMR {Basal Metabolic Rate} Or go HERE to calculate with more specifics.
BMR x 20% = _______ DAB {Daily Activity Burn}  20% is if you workout for an hour a day!
BMR + DAB + 600 = ________ Energy or Calories Per Day {600 is approximate number of calories you'll burn in that 1 hour workout}

SO.  We're going to get REAL personal here.  I'm going to use MY number to illustrate better what all that means.

Body Weight 132 x 10 = 1320 {the above website says 1303 so it's fairly close}
1320 x 20% = 260 DAB
1320 + 260 + 600 = 2180 Calories Per Day

Once I have that basic number {2180} I have a lot of power.  I can adjust that number to fit my current needs.  Am I working out a lot and need more calories so I have the energy to do so?  Am I gaining weight when I don't want to be?  It's important to know that magic number!!!  Then it's all about logging your actions!!!

It's important to log EVERYTHING.  I'm REALLY good at logging my workouts.  But I am HORRIBLE about logging my caloric intake.  I was really good at it when I was trying to lose weight but then I let it go.  And let me tell you, I KNOW I'm not eating as well as I should; which is why I put on 15 pounds in 4 months and it hasn't come off for the past 3!  So.  I realized I NEED to keep track of what I'm eating whether I'm trying to lose weight or not.

I also was reminded that what you eat is 90% of weight loss/gain is diet!  Think Biggest Loser!  Rulon was working out like an animal but when he was sneaking a bag of potato chips at night.... he wasn't losing the weight!!  It is so important to watch what you eat for you to achieve your weight loss/gain goals! has A LOT of different calculators you really should go look at.  BMI, Body Fat, Caloric Needs, Ideal Weight... Knowledge is power and knowing where you are will help you know what changes you need to make to get to be where you need/want to be. 

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Stuffed Shells

We have been going this route over lasagne lately.  We ALL love it.  I don't follow this recipe exactly.  But I'll post the original recipe and then try to note the changes I make.

Stuffed Shells
1 pkg jumbo pasta shells
2 cups large curd cottage cheese
2 cups ricotta cheese
12 oz mozzarella cheese, shredded
1/2 cup grated Parmesan cheese {best when it's fresh, not powdered}
2 eggs, lightly geaten
1 pinch garlic powder
1 tsp dried oregano
1 tsp dried parsley
1 jar spaghetti sauce {I like garden veggie.  plus I caramelize onions to put in AND add lots of extra veggies}
1/4 cup grated Parmesan cheese {for putting on top}

Cook shells according to package directions.  Place in cold water to stop cooking.  drain.

Mix together cheeses {save the 1/4 Parmesan for the top} eggs, garlic powder, parsley, and oregano.  Put mixture into a zip lock bag and snip the end of the bag.  Pipe cheese mixture into the shells.

Spread 1/3 of the spaghetti sauce in the bottom of a 15x10 inch pan.  Place shells open side up and close together in the pan.  Spread remaining sauce over top and sprinkle with remaining 1/4 cup Parmesan cheese.

Bake at 350 for 25-35 minutes or until bubbly.

Peanut Wraps

This has quite a bit of sugar and oils and probably sodium.  But the way I look at it is it's way better than if you ordered it at a restaurant!

Peanut Wraps
1/2 tsp garlic salt
1/2 tsp pepper
3 boneless skinless chicken breasts, cut into strips {we have also used pork tenderloin}
1 tbsp peanut oil
1 bag broccoli slaw
1 medium red onion sliced in THIN strips
1 tsp grated fresh ginger

Peanut Sauce
1/4 cup sugar
1/4 cup peanut butter {I like crunchy best}
3 tbsp soy sauce
5 tbsp water
3 tbs peanut oil
1-2 cloves crushed garlic

Season chicken strips with garlic salt and pepper.  In a large skillet cook chicken in hot oil on medium-high until cooked through.  Put aside & keep warm.  In same skillet add broccoli mix, onion, and ginger.  Cook until crisp but tender. Make peanut sauce while veggies cook.  In a small saucepan combine sauce ingredients, heat and stir until dissolved.  Serve by layering the veggies, chicken and sauce in a tortilla.  Wrap it.  Eat it.  Lick your place.  Suck on your fingers.  Mmmmm.

French Dip

1 pound of sliced deli roast beef
1 can French Onion Soup
1 can Beef Consume
1/2 cup water
Sliced Provolone cheese
French Rolls {buttered and broiled until golden brown}

Over medium heat, combine French Onion Soup, Beef Consume and water.  Add the roast beef.  Stir until heated through.  Add sliced Provolone to toasted French Rolls.  Top with Roast Beef.  Reserve liquid from the pot for dipping.

So super yummy!! 

Favorite Recipes

I haven't posted recipes for ages.  So I'll post a few of our favorites, sans photos, maybe I'll take some and add them the next time I whip some of this stuff up!  These recipes may not be super healthy and fit a diet intended for weight loss.  But we aren't trying to lose weight in this house, though we are trying to eat healthy, we're also trying to feed the 6 of us inexpensively as well.  So it's not w/o it's flaws.  They are however, delicious!  Hope you enjoy!

Here is our present Monthly Meal Plan, including Breakfasts {lunch is always leftovers}.  This will last longer than one month because every now and then we have to have a Leftover Night.  We have it broken down to two week sections, with a small grocery trip at the start of the second for fresh produce and other perishables!  Let me know which recipes you'd like me to post!

Wydaho Nachos
Stuffed Shells
Artichoke Chicken Pasta
Baked Ziti
Hawaiian Haystacks
Peanut Wraps
Baked Halibut Steaks
Clam Chowder
Tortellini Soup
French Dips
Taco Soup
Homemade Mac & Cheese
Homemade Alfredo
Chicken Pot Pie
Egg Rolls
Fish Tacos
Chicken Noodle Soup
Linguine Carbonara
Saucy Stir Fried Pork
Creamy Tortellini Alfredo
Homemade Pizza
Beef Barley Soup

Mini Ham & Egg Cups
Cream of Wheat
French Toast
German Pancakes
Pannu Kakua
Rice Pudding
Bread Pudding
Huevos Rancheros
Biscuits & Gravy

Bribing a Cop

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Food Labels

I am HORRIBLE about reading food labels.  I'm trying to feed a family of 6 here people.  We don't have the biggest food budget either.  BUT... we don't buy a lot of processed foods.  I'm going to be more conscientious, however, about reading ALL the labels! 

Monday, April 18, 2011


Today I met with my girls at the track for a running workout that I put together!  I decided to go with some speed training via Fartleks.  It felt SO good to push myself hard like that.  It felt AMAZING to run outside {I'm tellin ya, this treadmill stuff is poopy}.  Though I jumped on the treadmill when I got home so I could log some miles.  I do have some races to train for afterall!  I feel so good right now!! 

Here's our workout from today:

Warm Up ~ 1 mile jog
easy stretch
Fartleks {repeated twice}
100m x 4 {jog, run, jog, run}
200m x 2 {jog, run}
400m x 2 {jog, run - sprinting the last 100m}
Bonus ~ Stairs x 10 {9 stairs for a total of 90... next time I think we'll do MORE}
Cool down ~ 400m
Really good stretch!!

I'm On My Way!

LOOK WHAT I GOT!!!  Friday I had a note from the UPS man that said he couldn't leave my package from NASM.  BUMMER!  But he came back TODAY!!!  I've got everything I need to get started.  And I CAN NOT WAIT!! 

SQUEEEEEEEE!!!!!!  I am so stinkin excited!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Race Training Challenge

So I've got a LITTLE conundrum.  I finally decided on what my new goal is: two races for the summer.  That's it.  CRAZY low number considering I ran 12 last year.  But I picked my favorite race of all time {Go HERE to read about me running it last year}, the Jackson Hole Half.  And I am positively GIDDY about running it again.  And the other is my mecca race {go HERE & HERE ; it was my first race since high school, my first 5K, my first full marathon.  And apparently I've got a lot of family who will be running different races this year!  It's dually sentimental too, this year is the 35th year since the break of the Teton Dam.  

Doesn't sound like much of a conundrum does it?!  Well the challenge comes in this fact.  The elevation of St. Robert Missouri is 831 feet above sea level.  The elevation of Rexburg Idaho is 4865 feet!  And the elevation for Jackson Hole?!  That would be 6237.  The air down here is THICK!  I have a hard time breathing when I run here {strange I know considering the oxygen content is so much higher}, it's hard to explain but it really feels like it's HARDER to take in this thicker air!  Now how will it affect me to transition from running HERE and racing THERE?!  Will I immediately get in to my groove and breathe easily or will I be acclimated to this air and struggle to get enough oxygen up there?

I've tried reading up on the subject and I've gotten conflicting messages.  Some say that after a couple days at the higher elevation it should be fine {I will be home for about a week before race #1}.  Some say it takes a month.  Some say it doesn't make a difference unless your running over 8000 feet.  There are the die hards that sleep in altitude tents for 6 weeks at home before traveling to the race.  Ginkgo Biloba regiments.  Breathing hypoxic gas mixtures while training at home.  The list is pretty endless and obviously I'm not at THAT level of competition.

My game plan?  Well.  Nothing really.  I'm going to train here.  When I get home I have some runs planned, one is a long one {11 miles on my 11 year anniversary... Remember LAST year?}.  But this year isn't about breaking any PRs.  I am ONLY running to ENJOY the run.  So if it's harder to breathe, I'll back off so that I can still ENJOY the run!  On the same note... if it's EASIER... well, maybe I'll blow the doors off!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

These Shoes Were Made for Runnin

Poor Rose really hasn't been up for running lately.  She's still gone with me but she isn't very nice by the end!  So I decided to let her have her way and let her retire.  We logged A LOT of miles Rose & I.  About 600 of them.

Wasn't she just gorgeous back in her day? 

I was in denial for quite awhile that I needed new  shoes.  They really don't look THAT bad!  I didn't WANT new shoes!  But those Asics Kayano 16's were worn so badly on the bottom, the tread is all but gone in areas.  The inside is tearing.

But worst of all, I could feel it when I ran that the support was gone, my shins started hurting, the bones top of my feet killed & my arches were sore.  So even though they looked like they had miles and miles left in them.  I had to get new shoes!

So started my search a few months ago.  Not an easy thing in these parts; shopping is NOT a quick jaunt in to town.  You've got to drive 1 1/2 hours!  Don't get me wrong, I actually LOVE that about this place.  It poses scheduling conflicts that make actually GOING nearly impossible for us right now.   

So I looked online.  Hoping to find another Kayano; whether it was the 15, 16 or 17 I didn't really care!  I knew I loved that shoe!  But I was having a hard time convincing myself that I should spend that much money on a pair of shoes!  Especially when I'm not training for a marathon.  I wasn't willing to buy a DIFFERENT pair of shoes online though.  I will NEVER buy a pair of shoes that I don't try on!

We DID make the drive on one occasion but despite my best efforts, I could not find a pair of shoes that I liked enough to spend that amount of money on.  FRUSTRATING!

It comes down to this though.  I KNOW what I WANT in a running shoe.  I KNOW what kind of SUPPORT I need.  I KNOW how I want it to FEEL on my toes, around my ankle, under my arch.  I KNOW how IMPORTANT it is to have a GREAT running shoe.  I am NOT willing to compromise.  So if it means I have to pinch pennies a while longer in order to get a more expensive shoe, then so be it.  Or if I'm lucky and it's less money, lucky me!  But the FIT itself is more important than the dollar sign.   

I ended up at the PX 3 different times, trying on shoe after shoe after shoe!  And those first two times I came out empty handed.  DISAPPOINTING!  But yesterday. Yesterday I finally found her!  After trying on SO many pairs of shoes! They even had the Kayano 17s this time. In PINK!  But they didn't have my size!  So I tried on more shoes.  And then.  It happened.  I FINALLY found the pair that FIT exactly how I wanted them to fit! 

Meet Liberty.  My new running partner.  Isn't she a ROCK STAR?!  She is an Asics Nimbus 12 in Titanium/ Maui Blue/ Lightning.  {I'm pretty sure that the 12 is last years model, but I sure don't care about that sort of thing, just as a reference for those of you who might be looking for shoes.}
Normally I go for Stability shoes, for overpronation.  The Kayano is one of those shoes.  The Nimbus is a Cushion shoe.  I hesitated even trying it on but I was trying EVERYTHING!  She fit like a glove!

I did some research on the Nimbus 12.  Runner's World gave is the "Best Update" award in the May 2010 shoe guide.  Saying " There's cushioning and then there's swaddling your feet in soft foam and Gel, which is what the Nimbus does. The cushioning provides excellent impact protection, and the foam-lined interior is soft and squeezy in all the ways our testers wanted. They praised the shoe's fit and feel, and many also had good things to say about the shoe's offset lacing pattern. Recommended for runners with normal to high arches looking for a neutral-cushioned shoe with a bit of added stability."

The Nimbus weighs in at 10oz vs. the Kayano's 11oz; which Runner's World called a "hefty" shoe, recommended for bigger runners.  Not sure how much 1oz difference will make.  But I'd rather it be 1oz lighter than heavier!

The Nimbus 11 got the Runner's World "Editor's Choice" award.  Not sure what changed from the 11 to the 12.  But either way this shoe has a proven history that's good.  Customer reviews are high.  The Nimbus is a good running shoe, that I am sure of!

I'm excited.  I came home and gave Travis a big hug and said, "THANK YOU for my new running shoes".  He laughed and came up with all kinds of "Happy second week of EBOLC anniversary" er "Happy more than a month until your birthday day". No matter the occasion, made up or not, it definitely is a HAPPY DAY!  

So, if you'll excuse me.  Maui and I are going to go on our first run together!

Friday, April 15, 2011

One Word

I have a word.  I have a couple words actually.  Words that motivate and inspire me. 


This became my word in December 2009.  That month we found out that Travis got in to the Army.  That month I started training for my first marathon. 

It helped me while Travis was gone for 5 months training.
when I had to step up and play role of Mom & Dad
when I laid in bed at night feeling so lonely, sobbing myself to sleep
when Angela & Wylie passed away 
when we had to move away from family

It helped me train to run 26.2 miles!
when my feet were covered in blisters
when my toenails turned black and fell off
when my toes would bleed and bleed, through my shoes, every run
when I had to get up SO EARLY for those long Saturday runs
when I had to run that beast of a hill {training and race day}

I have realized that I am SO much stronger than I EVER realized.  I can do harder things than I ever though I could do. 

I rely on Travis so much and I always looked at people who's husbands traveled for work and I would say, "I could NEVER do that", "I need Travis too much to have him gone for a week at a time", "I would fall apart".  Well.  I did that, in spades!  And I didn't fall apart.  He was gone for a long time; and he'll be gone for even longer!  And everything will be okay.  Because I am STRONG and I can do hard things!

I ran not one, but TWO marathons last summer!  I logged HUNDREDS of miles training up for them.  I ran 2 half marathons, and I lost count of how many 10K & 5Ks!  I ran my guts out last year.  And I have NEVER felt SO GOOD!  I felt like a MILLION BUCKS!  I felt SO STRONG!  I KNEW I was STRONG!  And it's only just begun!  I have some GREAT races planned this summer!  I may not run THAT much every year but I will always be a runner.


It was August of 2005 when this became "my" word.  I was at one of my lowest points mentally.  I was struggling with postpartum depression.  Our dear friend, Jeb, was getting married to Ann.  We made the drive, with three very small children, to the Washington coast.  The wedding was one of the most beautiful I've been to but that's not where my word came to me. 

My dear husband was doing EVERYTHING he could to help me. 
He suggested I take a walk on the beach. 

It was a typical overcast Washington day with a gentle breeze. 
I ditched my shoes and at first just walked on the wet sand, just on the edge of the water. 
Something changed in me. 
I was so tired of the horrible thoughts and images in my head. 
I wanted to get far away from them! 
I started running. 
I ran and ran
until they all went away 
on my walk back I felt peace 
I felt HAPPY!  

That moment changed my life. 
I am still running 
I am still happy
And I love it that way!

Do YOU have a "word"?  What is it?        

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Run up the Corporate Ladder

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Oh Happy Day!

The application process is complete. 

Everything has been approved.

Books & Supplies are on their way.

They should be here in 1 WEEK!

In less than 180 days I will be certified by The National Academy of Sports Medicine as a Personal Trainer!

What's not to be excited about?!

Dirty Thirty

30.  I haven't ever really liked that number.  I like numbers in the 20's.  2, 20 & 22 are my favorite numbers.  I like BEING in my 20's.  I like WEIGHING in the 120's.  Both are slipping away between my fingers and it makes me anxious.

I turn 30 in 39 days.  I never though turning 30 would bother me.  I hated being a teen and wanted to grow up so bad.  But now that it's here it feels like a big dark rain cloud rather than the beginning of a new and exciting part of life.

I am not going to complain &/or dwell on scale numbers.  You all KNOW I hate the number on a scale.  But I will admit that I sure love being in the LOW 120's.  I've slipped back up in to the low 130's and I have been STUCK there for months!  I am haunted by thoughts that with my new "AGE" it will only be harder for me to lose weight. 

SO.  I had to get that CRAP out of the way to make way for bigger and better things!  We are going to do something great for my 30th.  VOTE on what you think I should do on the sidebar or suggest more!  We've tossed around some fun ideas {could possibly combine}:

* A steamboat cruise on the Mississippi River
* Skydive
* Zipline above the Ozarks
* Tim McGraw Concert
* Dinner at the Melting Pot {fondue restaurant}
* Dinner at Benihana {OUR restaurant for special occasions}

Pretty fun right?!  If I'm going to be turning 30.  I might as well make it something to be happy about!

Now for fitness in my 30's.  Things are going to be different.  But this is what I've learned:

{from Runners World complete runner's guide}
* The average marathoner is 38.  Fast-twitch muscle fibers {used for sprinting} are in the decline, slow-twitch fibers are still strong making it easier to go for distance rather than speed. 
* On average those people in their 30's need 120 fewer calories per day {based on age 35 vs age 25}
* What really causes a slower metabolism is less lean body mass {caused by lack of strength training & less activity}.
* STRENGTH TRAINING!!!  Prevents sprains and strains by building up connective tissues around joints.  Resistance training also increases your running economy {you need less oxygen to attain a certain speed}  

Some I already knew but these are things that are specific to runner's in their 30's. 

So is turning 30 going to be all that bad?  Nah.  We'll make the event itself something worth remembering.  I might even like being Sexy Thirty Fine & Flirty!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Healthy Foods

My favorite tip is shopping along the perimeter of the grocery store.  That's where the freshest best foods are.  Something great to think about while shopping!

Monday, April 11, 2011


Yesterday we went to a BBQ with friends.  One of them had just ran a marathon that morning!  I was SO JEALOUS!!!  Actually, when we first moved here I considered training up for it... until I realized it was on a Sunday.  BUMMER cause it would have been SO AWESOME!!  The finisher's medals were SWEET!!  I was TOTALLY living vicariously through him as he talked about it!  Obviously I'm not done running marathons!

But there was a certain someone present that I wanted to punch in the face.  He's in the Army.  He's fit.  He hates running.  He made no bones about it and was sure to tell the runners in the group how stupid they are for loving it and subjecting themselves to running TWENTY SIX point TWO miles {I was the only other one in attendance who had ran a marathon before}.

Now don't get me wrong, not everyone loves running and that is PERFECTLY fine with me.  I don't think any less of a person because they don't run.  But oh boy does it make my blood boil when people put others down because they DO!!!  Are you serious?!  You're really saying someone is STUPID because they love to RUN?!  Since WHEN is running STUPID?  And running 26.2 miles is something to be proud of, NOT something to mock someone about!

It convinced me that the dude doing the mocking was definitely more brawn than brain!  And proud that I'm in the marathon finisher crowd!  Excited to go running today!  Excited for my next marathon {next year maybe?}.  Excited for my next race {in JUNE}!  Excited to be a RUNNER!!!

Saturday, April 9, 2011


I  LOVE the Plank.  I hate it to but I LOVE it!  Here Bob shows you EXACTLY how to do the Plank with a few variations.

Thursday, April 7, 2011


I've decided to make this blog private.  I'll probably go more into details as to why AFTER the switch but suffice it to say that I want & need more control over who has access to me and my family.  I WANT to keep the blog going.  It helps me and I HOPE that it helps you too.  So start sending me your email addresses and I'll send you an invite.  You've got a week peeps!  Much ♥ ~Les 


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Health Footprint

Have you heard the phrase "Health Footprint" yet? I decided to look into it and I thought it was pretty awesome! The larger your number, or "footprint", the better! Go HERE to take a quick little quiz and see what YOUR footprint is!  It's really interesting to have different aspects of your health brought to your attention.  There's so many facets to heath and we need to be aware of all of them and always be making better choices!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I am getting SO impatient!!  I need to take a chill pill Ü!  I submitted my stuff for the personal trainer certification financial aid and it is taking FOREVER to get approved!  I was told 2 weeks {it's been over two weeks} and it's KILLING me to wait!  Because even after it's approved I still have to put in for the program and it can take up to 10 days to get that sorted out and supplies shipped. 

Okay.  Deep Breath.  It's really not THAT long to wait!  But I want to get going on it while I've got the drive and the time to do so!  AAAHHHH!!  Oh wait, I'm supposed to be taking deep breaths and practicing patience!!  {Sigh} 


I LOVE Bob.  Not as much as I love my man in camo {obviously} but this guy has GOT it!  Here's a little tip from my friend Bob on portions {proteins, carbs & veggies}.

Monday, April 4, 2011


Today I started cutting up all my race shirts.  I am making a quilt out of them!  I want it to be BIG so I think I need some more shirts. Which means MORE RACES!!!  WAHOO!  You all know how I LOVE to race!  Well I have my eyes on TWO specific races.  And can I just tell you... I AM SO EXCITED!!!  I've ran them both before and I am really excited to run them again!

The first is going to be a family affair.  My husband's family is all participating in various races and relays.  I am going to walk the 5K with his Gramma!  I'm hoping to get someone to be there so my kids can run the Fun Run.  Still working out the kinks but this one is going to be REALLY meaningful!!

The second is a half marathon and it's GORGEOUS!!!  Seriously.  Last year was the first time I ran this race and the minute I realized that I was going to be in the part of the country during the race this year, it was a done deal!  I ALMOST broke the 2 hour mark last year.  Not sure I can get back up to speed this year but I would love Love LOVE to break that barrier!

So now I've got to plan out my training schedule.  I am really going to switch things up; Saturdays are going to be family days rather than long training days.  I am so excited I want to jump up and down and scream!!!        

Sunday, April 3, 2011


Last week was a total wash.  I mean complete. and. total. wash!  I didn't work out even one day!  Well, unless you count Friday and Saturday walking all over a theme park and back again!  My feet are KILLING me today and don't get me STARTED on my calves {HILL is officially a 4-letter word in my book}.

But ANYWAY.  Weeks end up like this sometimes.  I have reasons {ahem.... EXCUSES} that it ended up this way.  The good thing is, I'm not going to have another week like it!  THIS week is going to be GREAT!  The weather is looking POOPY so it looks like a treadmill week.  K-Lo's baby is out of the hospital so hopefully that means we'll get to have our Army Wives workout.  My freighbor isn't teaching preschool this week so we'll be on the treadmills.  Everything is set for a great week of caloric burn!

And on THAT note.  That's ANOTHER thing that's going to change.  We've indulged a little more than normal lately and I feel ICKY!  Seriously.  I feel heavy, greasy, frumpy and crappy.  Enough of the sweets and unnecessary snacking.  I'm going to EAT the good breakfasts I make for the kids.  That alone will help me throughout the day.  I'm going to drink more WATER {even if it is far from the perfect water of the valley}.  I'm going to take my vitamins. 

Simply put, I'm going to make better choices this week and I KNOW it will result in me feeling A LOT better next week than I do at this moment!  And I'm very much looking forward to it.  

Nike Trainer

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