Thursday, March 31, 2011

H2O Baby

Everyone knows that water is important.  Everyone knows that our bodies are a huge percentage of water.  Everyone knows that drinking enough water is imperative when doing physically demanding activities.  We SHOULD also know that we need to drink water when we're NOT!  But do we REALLY know why it's so important to be getting that 8x8 a day?! THIS website had a lot of useful information on the subject! 

75% of our bodies are made up of water.  SEVENTY. FIVE. PERCENT!  That's HUGE!  Every single part of our bodies are made up of cells and those cells are made up of things like carbs, salt, fat, protein... and WATER!  Water basically lubricates everything for us.  It ensures that our body is able to function properly and that nutrients &/or elements are able to be exchanges via cells through electro-osmosis.  If we don't have enough water, cells will dry up and die.  And things can't work properly that way.  One thing that I knew but didn't really internalize was that when someone is admitted into the hospital, one of the very first things they do is rehydrate via intravenous saline solution.  That should make it pretty clear how important it is that we have enough fluids!
This is right from the horses mouth: Hydration helps the body naturally replenish its supply of the neurotransmitter serotonin!  WOW!  That means that drinking enough water helps with DEPRESSION!
Drinking enough water can relieve joint pain. 
It helps prevent clogging of arteries.  
Also a big part of the bodies production of melatonin... which means you'll get better SLEEP!
Increases ENERGY!
Helps skin be smooth and soft instead of dry and cracking!
Helps eliminate toxins and body waste!
It is HUGE for weight loss.
I love water.  I have my cute pink water bottle that I keep filled with iced lemon water.  And I drink A LOT of water!  I try {and usually do at least once} empty it every workout!  That leaves me 2 more to drink throughout the rest of the day.  We DON'T buy soda.  We hardly EVER even drink the stuff.  Water.  Water is the drink of choice for our entire household!  Even my 5 year old will take a drink of juice or soda and say, "Mom.  I wanted water."  It's so important that we drink enough water and it's so important that we teach our kids {if even by example} to LOVE water.  Nothing can quench your thirst like water can.  So go buy yourself a cool {or cute} water bottle and start fillin er up!!       

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Running in the RAIN!

 Today was a big day!  Two of my kids ran a race with me.  Not so new; they've ran a few races now.  But this was the farthest we've let them run.  Prior to this we've only let them run up to 1 mile.  This was a 4 miler.  They were so stinking excited!  For WEEKS!!
And would you know it?  They did AWESOME!  We crossed the finish line in just over 46 minutes.  They learned so much about racing and running.  They have good technique for an 800m or 1600m but this was their first real distance run.  We talked about breathing.  Pacing yourself.  About keeping your upper body relaxed.  How to run hills {because I am YET to see a stretch of road here that is flat}.  Hydration.  Encouraging other racers.  It was so fun to run with them and see them do so well!  I am so proud of them.  They did better than I imagined and I am thrilled for them to experience running and racing for the rest of their lives... I hope! 

Friday, March 25, 2011

Cross Fit

Today I tried something new!  We had our regular Army Wives Workout Group but a different friend led us in a Cross Fit workout.  Short.  Intense.  Awesome!

SO {I hope I get this right, someone help me out if I'm wrong... I am COMPLETELY new to this cross fit deal} the theory is to do the exercises quickly to add cardio to the workouts.  Typically they are done at a gym where you can use higher weights and equipment.  So we improvised today, sort of a beginner workout!

Here's what we did today, courtesy of HB:

3 rounds of
10 squats {w/o weights, LOW squat}
10 pushups
10 sit ups {full range}
10 thrusters {squat with a press above head when standing}
10 dumbbell 1 arm situps {hold weight in one hand above head in sit up position, sit up with arm pointing to ceiling}

The goal is to hit all three rounds with as little/no rest as possible.  Moving through as quickly as you can still maintaining good form. 

Try it out.  Tell me what you think.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

My Wish List

There's ALWAYS something that I have on my wish list, especially as far as exercise is concerned!  I don't always GET those things on my wish list but I thought I'd share what I've got in my cross hairs at the moment!

At the very top of my list.  Asics Kayano 17 in Magenta!  I have love Love LOVED my Kayano 16's.  They were PERFECT.  I got a lot of love and miles out of those babies and I hate to have to get a new pair but I NEED to.  I've put it off for a LONG time and I can tell that it's only going to get worse if I continue to do so.  I've been shoe shopping.  Tried on other shoes and they just don't fit right.  They don't FEEL right.  I have never considered myself all that "brand loyal" but in this case... I think I am completely sold on the Asics Kayano.  And they're PINK!!!  Hopefully I will soon be sporting these beauties VERY soon!
I have only recently been introduced to the BOB.  Oh my goodness am I in love?!  The BOB Strides Duallie Fitness Stroller is the one I am REALLY drooling over.  I have a feeling this will be on my wish list for quite a long time but if I were to win the lottery... I would more than happily push my baby {okay, he's 2 1/2 so not much of a baby anymore} anywhere and everywhere.  I don't have a jogger stroller, never have.  I want one SO BAD though Ü.  And THIS... I think this one is PERFECT!

And for something that I JUST crossed off my wish list.  Zumba.  I am new to Zumba.  I haven't had the chance to go to class yet.  But I want to SO bad.  And since things aren't coming together as quickly as I'd like for me to go to the gym for classes, I thought I'd just see about the DVD's instead.  I SCORED these online for a great deal!  I'll have to give you a FULL report of how I like them {it's good} some other time but I am excited!  A great workout AND a good time.  THAT is my favorite!
What's on YOUR wish list?!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Today we had the most girls get together for our Army Wives exercise group! I didn't put this group together, I'm not in charge, but I love to see it grow and make new friends in the process! It's SO FUN! I'm telling you. Working out with friends is HUGE for me. I don't have to fight those horrible negative thoughts about not wanting to work out! It's something I REALLY look forward to every Wednesday and Friday!

New to the group, we're going to go walk a 2.5 mile trail every Monday! I am REALLY looking forward to this. I ran the trail yesterday with my man in camo for date night! It is gorgeous!! It's going to be extra tough pushing strollers up those hills but I am REALLY looking forward to it!

Here's our workout from today:

1 min pushups
1 min squats

30 sec jumping jacks
30 sec football sprints {running in place with legs shoulder width}
repeat 2 more times

1 min bicycle crunches
1 min crunches

10 {per leg} walking lunges
10 {per leg} sumo squats {squat with legs shoulder width and then raise one leg up}

45 sec mountain climbers
45 sec jump rope {w/ or w/o a rope}

1 min flutter kicks
1 min reverse crunch

1 min push ups
1 min push ups w/ hands facing toward each other {for triceps}

1 min high/lo punches left arm
1 min high/lo punches right arm
1 min squat with cross punches

2 min plank slaps

1 minute high knees
1 minute butt kicks

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Workout from K-Lo

Here's another kick butt workout from my friend K-Lo! Meeting up with her again tomorrow, pretty sure I'm in for another butt kickin!

*3 miles @ 10:20 pace 1% incline

Core 2 minutes each 20-25 second work w/ 5-10 second recovery
*crunch machine
*oblique twist machine
*ball twists
*crunches on ball

*side lunges w/ 10lbs. dumbbells
10 left leg
*squat w/ shoulder press 10lbs. dumbbells
10 times
*side lunges w/ 10lbs. dumbbells
10 right leg
*squat w/ shoulder press 10lbs. dumbbells
10 times
Repeat 3x

*Lateral shoulder raise 10lbs. dumbbells
(sitting on the bench leaning forwards)
*chest press w/ 15 lbs. dumbbells
Super Set 4x10

*Tricep kick back 10 lbs.
*Lawn mower 20 lbs.
Super Set 3x10 (each side)
*bicep curls 10 lbs. dumbells

Friday, March 18, 2011


I got myself in a bit of a pickle. A pickle that I don't necessarily mind being in but a pickle nonetheless. I have a 9 year old daughter who LOVES dogs. She is practically obsessed with them. She wants one. B. A. D. Our entire family does if I'm honest but we have some MAJOR hurdles in the way {I'll get to those in a second}. The pickle: I made a deal with my daughter {spur of the moment, not really knowing how it came up or happened} that if she would show us that she was responsible enough and do EXTRA that she could EARN a puppy. HOLD THE PHONE!! Remember those hurdles?!! Not sure how this is all going to work out.

Here are the hurdles:
* We have a very mobile life and are unsure of the places we move to. Are pets allowed? Is there a yard? If so is it fenced? All this encompassed is the biggest hurdle.
* I have to be okay with it being an indoor dog primarily. Which means the sole responsibility for the dog will fall on my shoulders.
* Training classes and constant exercise is not an option. Commitment has to be 100%.

Why we all want it so bad:
* Dogs have been a constant part of both of our lives growing up. So many of our memories have our pets in them and we want that for our kids.
* The responsibility that comes with a pet is priceless.
* I would love to have a running partner.
* I would love the company when the man in camo is gone and the kids are in bed.
* If it is the thing that motivates my daughter to do her chores without argument and is the thing that drives her... but even more than that, if it makes her as happy as I'm positive that it will, it's worth it for that alone.

So far she is doing pretty good. She hasn't gone too far above and beyond what is already required of her but she is doing what is required {all of her chores, her homework, plus anything asked of her...} with a good attitude. When she starts doing things without being asked, she'll be in business! Though even then it will take quite some time to earn a puppy!

I need suggestions people. I mean it. What dogs are:
* smaller {not the tiny yappy things} {oh how I would love a great dane or a bloodhound... maybe someday}
* good runners
* good family dogs {affectionate, great with LITTLE kids...}
* don't shed much
* somewhat protective {the man in camo WILL be deployed at some point}

Have I left anything out?

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Movin On Up

Sorry I haven't posted in awhile. No internet. BOO! But I have some AWESOME news!! I, Leslie Mae, am going to be a CERTIFIED PERSONAL TRAINER! Yep. I got it all in the works and soon I will be studying like crazy and purging all the info HERE!!! It's been a long time coming but I am definitely going to do it!

So here's the plan. I get certified as a personal trainer. Hopefully at the same time but if not, pretty nearly right after, I will work on getting certified/licensed as a consultant dietitian. That way I can work for myself, contracting to health care facilities and gyms to help others achieve their weight loss &/or overall health goals. Or simply work on my own! It's been "The Plan" for awhile now, and it feels amazing to get the gears moving on it!

So. Here's what is so super cool for YOU guys! You'll get to hear about all the cool stuff I learn!! AND once I get both certifications I will be able to help YOU more on a personal level!!!! AAAHHHH! I am so excited I want to squeal like a little girl!!!!!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Personal Trainer

My plan for some time has been to finish my degree and become a dietitian. Along with that I want to be a personal trainer. Pretty awesome combo if you ask me! Well an opportunity may have come up for me to become certified as a personal trainer and in group exercise. I think I better jump at it and go for it! What do you think?

Thursday, March 3, 2011

ice cream truck

I think I'd chase after an ice cream truck today!  Ü  It's a BEAUTIFUL sunny day!  My 2 year old and I spent it at the park.  I'm on the hunt for a jogger stroller so we can enjoy these gorgeous days even more!

Nike Trainer

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