Saturday, March 26, 2011

Running in the RAIN!

 Today was a big day!  Two of my kids ran a race with me.  Not so new; they've ran a few races now.  But this was the farthest we've let them run.  Prior to this we've only let them run up to 1 mile.  This was a 4 miler.  They were so stinking excited!  For WEEKS!!
And would you know it?  They did AWESOME!  We crossed the finish line in just over 46 minutes.  They learned so much about racing and running.  They have good technique for an 800m or 1600m but this was their first real distance run.  We talked about breathing.  Pacing yourself.  About keeping your upper body relaxed.  How to run hills {because I am YET to see a stretch of road here that is flat}.  Hydration.  Encouraging other racers.  It was so fun to run with them and see them do so well!  I am so proud of them.  They did better than I imagined and I am thrilled for them to experience running and racing for the rest of their lives... I hope! 


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