Thursday, March 24, 2011

My Wish List

There's ALWAYS something that I have on my wish list, especially as far as exercise is concerned!  I don't always GET those things on my wish list but I thought I'd share what I've got in my cross hairs at the moment!

At the very top of my list.  Asics Kayano 17 in Magenta!  I have love Love LOVED my Kayano 16's.  They were PERFECT.  I got a lot of love and miles out of those babies and I hate to have to get a new pair but I NEED to.  I've put it off for a LONG time and I can tell that it's only going to get worse if I continue to do so.  I've been shoe shopping.  Tried on other shoes and they just don't fit right.  They don't FEEL right.  I have never considered myself all that "brand loyal" but in this case... I think I am completely sold on the Asics Kayano.  And they're PINK!!!  Hopefully I will soon be sporting these beauties VERY soon!
I have only recently been introduced to the BOB.  Oh my goodness am I in love?!  The BOB Strides Duallie Fitness Stroller is the one I am REALLY drooling over.  I have a feeling this will be on my wish list for quite a long time but if I were to win the lottery... I would more than happily push my baby {okay, he's 2 1/2 so not much of a baby anymore} anywhere and everywhere.  I don't have a jogger stroller, never have.  I want one SO BAD though Ü.  And THIS... I think this one is PERFECT!

And for something that I JUST crossed off my wish list.  Zumba.  I am new to Zumba.  I haven't had the chance to go to class yet.  But I want to SO bad.  And since things aren't coming together as quickly as I'd like for me to go to the gym for classes, I thought I'd just see about the DVD's instead.  I SCORED these online for a great deal!  I'll have to give you a FULL report of how I like them {it's good} some other time but I am excited!  A great workout AND a good time.  THAT is my favorite!
What's on YOUR wish list?!!


Kim said...

Is your need for DUAL stroller an announcement?

leslie mae said...

:) Nope. Maybe by the time I save my pennies up for the thing I'll actually NEED the duallie! Ü

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