I am following JEFF GALLOWAY'S training schedule.  I have been using different training schedules of his for over a year.  He has A LOT of information on his website about all aspects of running and training.  I HIGHLY recommend him! 

My current training looks something like this:

Monday: 30 minute run - sometimes I go over by a minute or two to finish up a lap... I'm OCD about it.
Tuesday: Cross Training or Weight Training; usually Turbo Jam or Jillian Michaels
Wednesday: Another 30 minute run
Thursday: Cross Training or Weight Training
Friday: Cross Training or Weight Training; whatever I didn't do Thursday
Saturday: Distance run or Speed Run.  Check out Jeff's website for full details on distances
Sunday: REST!

I will also throw in some Wii Fit Plus or Jillian Michaels Fitness Ultimatum 2010.  And whenever possible I will snowshoe, hike, snowboard, wakeboard or ANYTHING active

Nike Trainer

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