Wednesday, March 7, 2012

found my groove!

Today is beautiful!  The sun isn't exactly out but the clouds are sparse and the mountain is showing itself.  That's something to smile about!  So I got the tater tots ready {which took nearly 2 hours, oi!} and we headed outside for a jaunt around post!

It was great.  The weather was PERFECT for a run.  And about a mile in I realized that I wasn't hating life!  I wasn't just willing the time to pass so I could be done!  I was EXCITED to keep going!!  My GROOVE!  I found my GROOVE!!  Granted that groove is WAY slower than it used to be but it was so good to be reunited!  The clouds have parted and the angels are singing AHHHHHHH!!!!!!

We ran around post and had to stop every now and then to pick up a toy that was dropped or refill the snacks or wait for cars.  Such is the life of a Mom trying to get in a workout despite having two kids at home with her.  The baby slept the whole time, so at least I had that going for me!  I am so glad we got outside and enjoyed the good weather before another storm hits this weekend. 

I signed us up for our first race of the year!  A St. Patty's day run.  We are all running!  The man in camo is going to wear his ruck sack and make it a ruck run in training for a 12 mile ruck march he has coming up in a few weeks.  The three big kids are going to run with me while I push the two little kids in the stroller!  It will be J-man's first race!  We are going to accessorize in all kinds of fun and crazy green things!  I am so excited.  Races motivate me.  They are so fun and exciting.  It's a great way to help me REALLY get into training again. 

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