Friday, August 14, 2009


We've sold our house and things are going to be pretty crazy for awhile. I'll be MIA for a couple weeks until we get settled into our new place. Keep making healthy choices!!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Body Language

My husband and I were talking yesterday about health, diet and exercise mostly. We decided that a book should be written {we would call it BODY LANGUAGE} about listening to your body and following what it's telling you. When you make good choices your body feels good. When you feed it garbage and never take out the trash {aka exercise} it doesn't function properly. So take care of yourself!

Everyone wants to know how to lose weight. They'll try ANY drink, shot or other new fad but they WON'T stick to what is a guaranteed formula... EAT LESS, EXERCISE MORE!!! I understand that there are circumstances where due to other health issues that isn't the case BUT for most of us, that IS the answer!!! Is is EASY? HECK NO! Is it FAST? DOUBLE HECK NO!! But it IS the way to take it off and keep it off; you have to change your entire lifestyle.

EAT LESS & EAT RIGHT. I am just like everyone else; I love to eat. Sometimes I over eat. Which I think is OK every once in awhile. I'm of the opinion that you SHOULD splurge sometimes {all things in moderation though, right?}. HERE are a few tips on eating better:

* Eat a variety of nutrient rich foods. Check out MY PYRAMID {there is a link on the side bar} to find out exactly what portions you should be eating {it really is great. They calculate your age, weight, height & activity level to determine what portions your body needs. TRY IT, you'll love it too}
* Eat WHOLE grains, FRUITS & VEGGIES. They are SO good for you!!!
* Watch your portions. It's amazing the misconception that people have as to what a portion of something is. Check into it; you'll be surprised!
* Eat regular meals. Don't you dare skip breakfast!!! It has been proven that those who eat breakfast lose weight easier, and have better health in general!!
* Know your weaknesses. Keep track of what you eat so you can see first hand where your mistakes are. Then fix them!
* Change gradually. You're more likely to succeed that way!
* There are no GOOD VS BAD food {see Intuitive Eating for more info}. Just be sure that your diet is BALANCED!!!

EXERCISE MORE. This is where I think most people give up. They don't see the results they want as fast and they want so they quit exercising all together. Exercise isn't something you do just to lost weight; you should do it continually for good health! You don't have to go out there and run a marathon either, just GET OFF YOUR BUTT and do SOMETHING! Here are a few ways to be more active:

* Get a pedometer. It's recommended that you take 10,000 steps a day.
* Yardwork and housework. Mowing the lawn, gardening, laundry, sweeping/mopping/vaccuming...
* Walk or ride your bike. Park farther away from work or the store and WALK
* Use stairs instead of the escalator
* Find others who walk/run/hike {whatever YOU want to do} and join them
* Take dance lessons
* Play with your kids
{this list is HUGE, find your own ways to be more active, every little bit counts!}

I don't focus on numbers and I don't like to throw my personal numbers out there but I think it applies here. Today I weigh 123 {which for my 5' 3.5" height is a good weight, it may not be for you; that's a whole post in itself}. It has taken 8 months to lose 16 pounds {remember I had a baby nearly 1 year ago?}. This isn't something that happens in 30-90 days! It takes a LONG time to see lasting results. Even after that "goal weight" is reached, the journey doesn't end there. Stay active to stay HEALTHY!

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