FIONA ~ This babe occasionally comes along with me when I would otherwise be running solo!  She's gorgeous & man has she got some killer pipes!
RUBY ~She's amazing.  She tells me how far I've ran.  How far I have left to run.  How fast/slow I am running.  She's got a Power Song ready and waiting when I need a little extra umph.  She keeps track of all the miles we've ran together so that I don't have to!  She's my personal running secretary!  And I love her!
MAX ~ He's my Lifesaver.  He keeps me hydrated but doesn't get in my way on those long runs {8+}!  Plus I think he's kinda cute... 
LIBERTY ~ Has all the support in all the right places.  All the cushion where it's needed.  A BMW for my feet!  We are going to run around the world together... well at least around my little neck of the woods!!     

ROSE {Retired} ~ The Cadillac of running shoes... in my ever so humble opinion!  Supportive and FABULOUS!!  I loved every mile we ran together!

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