Thursday, March 31, 2011

H2O Baby

Everyone knows that water is important.  Everyone knows that our bodies are a huge percentage of water.  Everyone knows that drinking enough water is imperative when doing physically demanding activities.  We SHOULD also know that we need to drink water when we're NOT!  But do we REALLY know why it's so important to be getting that 8x8 a day?! THIS website had a lot of useful information on the subject! 

75% of our bodies are made up of water.  SEVENTY. FIVE. PERCENT!  That's HUGE!  Every single part of our bodies are made up of cells and those cells are made up of things like carbs, salt, fat, protein... and WATER!  Water basically lubricates everything for us.  It ensures that our body is able to function properly and that nutrients &/or elements are able to be exchanges via cells through electro-osmosis.  If we don't have enough water, cells will dry up and die.  And things can't work properly that way.  One thing that I knew but didn't really internalize was that when someone is admitted into the hospital, one of the very first things they do is rehydrate via intravenous saline solution.  That should make it pretty clear how important it is that we have enough fluids!
This is right from the horses mouth: Hydration helps the body naturally replenish its supply of the neurotransmitter serotonin!  WOW!  That means that drinking enough water helps with DEPRESSION!
Drinking enough water can relieve joint pain. 
It helps prevent clogging of arteries.  
Also a big part of the bodies production of melatonin... which means you'll get better SLEEP!
Increases ENERGY!
Helps skin be smooth and soft instead of dry and cracking!
Helps eliminate toxins and body waste!
It is HUGE for weight loss.
I love water.  I have my cute pink water bottle that I keep filled with iced lemon water.  And I drink A LOT of water!  I try {and usually do at least once} empty it every workout!  That leaves me 2 more to drink throughout the rest of the day.  We DON'T buy soda.  We hardly EVER even drink the stuff.  Water.  Water is the drink of choice for our entire household!  Even my 5 year old will take a drink of juice or soda and say, "Mom.  I wanted water."  It's so important that we drink enough water and it's so important that we teach our kids {if even by example} to LOVE water.  Nothing can quench your thirst like water can.  So go buy yourself a cool {or cute} water bottle and start fillin er up!!       


The Paxton Family said...

Is it true that dehydration can also lead to cellulite!?! Heredity is a big factor, BUT lack of hydration can also make the appearance of cellulite WORSE? :-P These are the two reasons that I've heard on why that is. One being that it makes the subcutaneous layer of skin (the top layer) weak, so you can see the fat cells more through it. The other theory is, that when you are dehydrated, the little water left collects around the fat to help buffer dehydrated cells and it causes more "watery" or "cottage cheese" looking skin.
Just wondering.
And Good job on your kids loving water! You are SUCH an awesome Mom! What a great example :-)

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