Friday, March 25, 2011

Cross Fit

Today I tried something new!  We had our regular Army Wives Workout Group but a different friend led us in a Cross Fit workout.  Short.  Intense.  Awesome!

SO {I hope I get this right, someone help me out if I'm wrong... I am COMPLETELY new to this cross fit deal} the theory is to do the exercises quickly to add cardio to the workouts.  Typically they are done at a gym where you can use higher weights and equipment.  So we improvised today, sort of a beginner workout!

Here's what we did today, courtesy of HB:

3 rounds of
10 squats {w/o weights, LOW squat}
10 pushups
10 sit ups {full range}
10 thrusters {squat with a press above head when standing}
10 dumbbell 1 arm situps {hold weight in one hand above head in sit up position, sit up with arm pointing to ceiling}

The goal is to hit all three rounds with as little/no rest as possible.  Moving through as quickly as you can still maintaining good form. 

Try it out.  Tell me what you think.


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