Friday, March 18, 2011


I got myself in a bit of a pickle. A pickle that I don't necessarily mind being in but a pickle nonetheless. I have a 9 year old daughter who LOVES dogs. She is practically obsessed with them. She wants one. B. A. D. Our entire family does if I'm honest but we have some MAJOR hurdles in the way {I'll get to those in a second}. The pickle: I made a deal with my daughter {spur of the moment, not really knowing how it came up or happened} that if she would show us that she was responsible enough and do EXTRA that she could EARN a puppy. HOLD THE PHONE!! Remember those hurdles?!! Not sure how this is all going to work out.

Here are the hurdles:
* We have a very mobile life and are unsure of the places we move to. Are pets allowed? Is there a yard? If so is it fenced? All this encompassed is the biggest hurdle.
* I have to be okay with it being an indoor dog primarily. Which means the sole responsibility for the dog will fall on my shoulders.
* Training classes and constant exercise is not an option. Commitment has to be 100%.

Why we all want it so bad:
* Dogs have been a constant part of both of our lives growing up. So many of our memories have our pets in them and we want that for our kids.
* The responsibility that comes with a pet is priceless.
* I would love to have a running partner.
* I would love the company when the man in camo is gone and the kids are in bed.
* If it is the thing that motivates my daughter to do her chores without argument and is the thing that drives her... but even more than that, if it makes her as happy as I'm positive that it will, it's worth it for that alone.

So far she is doing pretty good. She hasn't gone too far above and beyond what is already required of her but she is doing what is required {all of her chores, her homework, plus anything asked of her...} with a good attitude. When she starts doing things without being asked, she'll be in business! Though even then it will take quite some time to earn a puppy!

I need suggestions people. I mean it. What dogs are:
* smaller {not the tiny yappy things} {oh how I would love a great dane or a bloodhound... maybe someday}
* good runners
* good family dogs {affectionate, great with LITTLE kids...}
* don't shed much
* somewhat protective {the man in camo WILL be deployed at some point}

Have I left anything out?


The Paxton Family said...

Definitely beagles.

I have been looking into dogs a lot because I WANT a dog, but Jordan is not a dog person. And I don't know if you know this about us... but we are also VERY mobile people ;-)
So here's what I know about beagles, then you can look into it yourself!
Beagles stay fairly small but not tiny. They are not yappy (or really bark much at all) but they CAN howl, (still a better sound than yappy!) but I have heard are very easy to train against the howling.
They are SUPER good family dogs and very loyal, and don't shed, and don't get fat (unless they do nothing) so they can still run with you (because they are not tiny) they are good indoor dogs (they don't drool, and don't shed and are short hair so it takes more for them to smell) they are CUTE as all heck and blah blah blah.
Anyway, point is, Beagles are awesome. But I will probably never own one.
Short of Beagles, I am a big fan of pound puppies ;-)

Good luck, let me know how it all works out!

Kim said...

Labs don't shed and never need a hair cut where they are short hairs. They are hyper at first but very loyal dogs. I am going to train Sasha next year to run with me. I think it would be beneficial for both of us. I would never suggest having an indoor dog, but I see why you would have to consider it. The benefit of having it there while Trav is out and about would be nice. But you know me, I won't ever let animals in my home. Good luck on making that decision.

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