Monday, April 18, 2011


Today I met with my girls at the track for a running workout that I put together!  I decided to go with some speed training via Fartleks.  It felt SO good to push myself hard like that.  It felt AMAZING to run outside {I'm tellin ya, this treadmill stuff is poopy}.  Though I jumped on the treadmill when I got home so I could log some miles.  I do have some races to train for afterall!  I feel so good right now!! 

Here's our workout from today:

Warm Up ~ 1 mile jog
easy stretch
Fartleks {repeated twice}
100m x 4 {jog, run, jog, run}
200m x 2 {jog, run}
400m x 2 {jog, run - sprinting the last 100m}
Bonus ~ Stairs x 10 {9 stairs for a total of 90... next time I think we'll do MORE}
Cool down ~ 400m
Really good stretch!!


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