Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Dirty Thirty

30.  I haven't ever really liked that number.  I like numbers in the 20's.  2, 20 & 22 are my favorite numbers.  I like BEING in my 20's.  I like WEIGHING in the 120's.  Both are slipping away between my fingers and it makes me anxious.

I turn 30 in 39 days.  I never though turning 30 would bother me.  I hated being a teen and wanted to grow up so bad.  But now that it's here it feels like a big dark rain cloud rather than the beginning of a new and exciting part of life.

I am not going to complain &/or dwell on scale numbers.  You all KNOW I hate the number on a scale.  But I will admit that I sure love being in the LOW 120's.  I've slipped back up in to the low 130's and I have been STUCK there for months!  I am haunted by thoughts that with my new "AGE" it will only be harder for me to lose weight. 

SO.  I had to get that CRAP out of the way to make way for bigger and better things!  We are going to do something great for my 30th.  VOTE on what you think I should do on the sidebar or suggest more!  We've tossed around some fun ideas {could possibly combine}:

* A steamboat cruise on the Mississippi River
* Skydive
* Zipline above the Ozarks
* Tim McGraw Concert
* Dinner at the Melting Pot {fondue restaurant}
* Dinner at Benihana {OUR restaurant for special occasions}

Pretty fun right?!  If I'm going to be turning 30.  I might as well make it something to be happy about!

Now for fitness in my 30's.  Things are going to be different.  But this is what I've learned:

{from Runners World complete runner's guide}
* The average marathoner is 38.  Fast-twitch muscle fibers {used for sprinting} are in the decline, slow-twitch fibers are still strong making it easier to go for distance rather than speed. 
* On average those people in their 30's need 120 fewer calories per day {based on age 35 vs age 25}
* What really causes a slower metabolism is less lean body mass {caused by lack of strength training & less activity}.
* STRENGTH TRAINING!!!  Prevents sprains and strains by building up connective tissues around joints.  Resistance training also increases your running economy {you need less oxygen to attain a certain speed}  

Some I already knew but these are things that are specific to runner's in their 30's. 

So is turning 30 going to be all that bad?  Nah.  We'll make the event itself something worth remembering.  I might even like being Sexy Thirty Fine & Flirty!


Andrea Lee U.R. said...

Those birthday activities sound fun, but I can think of a more exciting one......COME TO WISCONSIN!!! Now there is some REAL fun. ;)
30 is not so bad really. We still like to have fun. The prunes are getting a little old, but they can be really yummy if you eat them with bran flakes. ;) ha ha!
Really though, we should go to the Dells some time. GREAT water parks here in Wisconsin. (have I convinced you to put WI on the list yet?........)

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