Monday, April 4, 2011


Today I started cutting up all my race shirts.  I am making a quilt out of them!  I want it to be BIG so I think I need some more shirts. Which means MORE RACES!!!  WAHOO!  You all know how I LOVE to race!  Well I have my eyes on TWO specific races.  And can I just tell you... I AM SO EXCITED!!!  I've ran them both before and I am really excited to run them again!

The first is going to be a family affair.  My husband's family is all participating in various races and relays.  I am going to walk the 5K with his Gramma!  I'm hoping to get someone to be there so my kids can run the Fun Run.  Still working out the kinks but this one is going to be REALLY meaningful!!

The second is a half marathon and it's GORGEOUS!!!  Seriously.  Last year was the first time I ran this race and the minute I realized that I was going to be in the part of the country during the race this year, it was a done deal!  I ALMOST broke the 2 hour mark last year.  Not sure I can get back up to speed this year but I would love Love LOVE to break that barrier!

So now I've got to plan out my training schedule.  I am really going to switch things up; Saturdays are going to be family days rather than long training days.  I am so excited I want to jump up and down and scream!!!        


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