Thursday, March 12, 2009

Got Support?

Having a good SUPPORT system is necessary. And maybe I'll do a blog on that sometime. But the support I'm talkin about is right HERE: I was at my turbo-jam-kick-my-butt session on Tuesday and apparently I've got too much movement goin on! And that is something I DO NOT want; bouncy boobs lead to saggy boobs and I'm not down with THAT! Now typically I am not blessed with a nice rack; I'm pretty flat. But I am nursing. So.... I'm a bit more endowed! I was wondering why the HECK I was sore there; well now I know. I probably should have realized the cause but, yeah... I don't know! So I'm doublin up. Tried it today and I think it worked... for now

So I got looking up stuff about sports bras, the effects of the lack thereof and how to get the right fit. Here's what I've got. Go HERE, HERE to read the full articles.

*Sports bras reduce PAIN & VERTICAL MOVEMENT by 50% {than not wearing one at all}

*The breast DOES NOT have structural support, stretches easy and leading to sagging, even if your SMALL!

*You should NOT need to wear TWO!! {I realize I need to get one that will work all by itself but two is going to have to do the job until I find one that will work well enough. I figure that's better than wearing only one that isn't doing the job!}

*Your sports bra should fit SNUGLY under your breasts but should NOT be too tight. Make sure your breasts fit ENTIRELY inside {not the time to show off that voluptuous cleavage}! Shoulder straps should not DIG into your shoulders.

Go to RUNNERS WORLD for some awesome little articles on how to get the right sports bra for you & your workouts.


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