Monday, March 23, 2009

Bring It!

Today was day 1 of 90!! A KILLER Chest & Back workout! 6 different kinds of push-ups and 6 different kinds of pull-ups. WOAH! I am feelin it! I am doing girlie push-ups and using the band of least resistance but I'm THERE! I am doing SOMETHING! I'm doing my BEST! {AND I've got a nasty cold!}

A few things that I LOVE about P90X:
* Using the RIGHT weight for the RIGHT job is really stressed... let go of your EGO!!! It's okay that I use the smallest band, it's right for me right now. If it's not hard enough, get a bigger band or heavier weight. Same is true if it's too much.
* GOOD FORM! Even though I'm doing girlie pushups and have to use a chair to help with my pull ups... it's ENCOURAGED!! Because it helps me have the correct form and as I get stronger I do the more difficult exercises.
* OPTIONS! I can use bands or weights. Different variants to make exercises more difficult {or for the moment... easier}

There were a few of these push-ups that I just thought: ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!!! Oh man. Honestly, there was one kind that I could only do 2 of! I'll get there.

I've heard of a few programs {P90X is one of them} that have you take a "Goodbye picture". So I had my husband take some. I didn't look at them {something I have to do, I'm trying to stay positive and that wouldn't help}. I did see all my measurements though. We will take pictures and measurements again at 30, 60 & 90 days! Wish me luck!!


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