Friday, January 29, 2010

Don't Forgetta Mezzetta!

This is my guilty pleasure. I am salivating just THINKING about these babies!!! First and foremost is the Peperoncini. I buy a big jar of the sliced peperoncini and I eat them with EVERYTHING! I put them on my salad, eggs, meat, sandwiches, pizza... mmm. They are OH SO GOOD!Number two is this Italian Mix Giardiniera. For only 5 pieces there is zero fat and only a very small amount of calories {though the sodium content is a little high}. Great as hor devours or as a snack. These roasted peppers are DIVINE I tell you! Sweet and oh so good! Like CANDY!! We put them on meat, sandwiches and salads too. Oh goodness, there go my salivating glands again!! And lastly, their olives. Oh My HECK!!! I LOVE green olives, they are too yummy. These jalapeno stuffed ones are killer!!
I haven't tried these bleu cheese stuffed olives but you can bet that I WILL be!!Do I sound like a paid advertisement or some infomercial yet? Sorry. But I love these. What's something that you've just GOT to have?


Jennifer said...

K wait...come you like these?? I am confused?? LOL ;)

Nike Trainer

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