Saturday, January 9, 2010


I just found THEE most AWESOME website!! I am ELATED, EXCITED, ECSTATIC even!!! Check THIS out! Ever heard of your BMR? It stands for Basal Metabolic Rate, it's the number of calories needed to sustain life. So basically, it's the number of calories you would burn if you never even got out of bed during the day.

WHY is this so cool?!! Because if you can calculate your BMR {which I am going to show you HOW} you can calculate how many calories you should make sure to INTAKE on a daily basis so that you can BURN or GAIN weight! {Like the "BURN weight" jargon? I like it better than "LOSE weight", but that's just me}

So the article I linked above is seriously CHUCK FULL of info. It's got EVERYTHING you need to know about BMR's and what to do with that number!! It's just AWESOME!! But the jist of it is this:

*Figure your BMR. Click HERE {or use the link above} All you need to do is enter your height, weight, age and gender and the calculator will do the rest.
*Figure your CALORIC NEEDS. Are you trying to burn, maintain or gain weight? The link above will tell you how to do this.
*Adjust your caloric intake &/or your activity level according to your goal. If you're wanting to burn weight then you'd best be increasing your activity level and decreasing your caloric intake!

What I LOVE though and a MUST read is the part about adjusting PROPERLY!!! We don't want anybody going crazy!!! Adjust your caloric intake gradually.

I just think this is so GREAT! How COOL is it that we have tools like this available?!!


Tiffany said...

This was really cool! I'm going to try eating a few more calories cause I think I may not be eating quite enough. I just started tracking my daily calories and have been shooting for about 1200-1350 a day... according to this I should be eating about 1800. I'm going to play around with my calories till I find the magic number, but it helps to know that I may be down too low. Thanks for the links!

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