Monday, January 25, 2010

Good Deed

Today I had a TON of laundry to do. CRAPPY since we don't have a washer & dryer anymore {we sold them when we sold the house, but don't you -or me- fret, we'll have a new set when we move next month} Luckily my sweet sweet in-laws more than graciously opened their home 24/7 for me to come an wash load after load of laundry. We've been doing that for a lovely 5-6 months now.

ANYWAY {sorry for the tangent} we got dumped on last night with a fabulous couple inches of snow!! I had a BRILLIANT idea to shovel their driveway in between loads!! I LOVE shoveling snow; our little sidewalk just doesn't do it for me! So I was giddy with excitement to be able to shovel their WHOLE driveway, circle & all!

It felt great! It took me 70 minutes to finish; all but one TINY part that I didn't get to, but they'll knock it out in no time with their plow. Yes, they have a plow and could have done the very same job {plus the part I neglected} in no time at all but what's the fun in that?! It was a fabulous workout {burning over 400 calories}. Plus I got to do a good deed for a couple people who are ALWAYS doing wonderful things for me & my family.

Oh, and I shoveled our sidewalk, the neighbors sidewalk AND their driveway. So tack on another 30 minutes of shoveling, plus the 30 minute run... I burned some MAJOR. CALORIE. BUTT. today!!


karen@fitnessjourney said...

How is your back feeling today!

Tiffany said...

That's awesome! And, you are going to be sooo thankful for your own washer/dryer when you get them :)

The Sorensens said...

Dang that freaking rocks! I LOVE shoveling snow too!

The Sorensens said...

P.S. Haven't been to this blog in a WHILE...looks great!

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