Saturday, January 23, 2010

Coming SOON!

I am WAY excited about this. In preparation for our marathon in June & Basic Training in July, Hawkeye {I think that suits him more than "Stonewall"} has set up an awesome workout schedule for himself. AND he's agreed to post about it!!

So he's already been following the same marathon training schedule as me {see Jeff Galloway's link on the sidebar}. That's going great. NOW he's started his strength training; perfectly scheduled to land him right into Boot Camp. Here it is:

January 18 - March 2: 100 Pushups & 200 Situps Challenges {see links on the sidebar}. Three days a week performs a given number of reps & sets building up to March 2nd, when he knocks out 100 pushups & 200 situps in a row. Perfect prep for Boot Camp.

March 8 - June 5: P90X. Intense workouts. Due to marathon training may have to substitute some of the cardio workouts for running; though I think his plan & hope is to do them both.

June 7 - June 20: Two weeks of rest. Though the first week will still be training for the marathon that lands on the 12th. Second week will be full rest.

June 21 - July 10: 100 Pushups & 200 Situps Challenges. Only 3 weeks of the 6 week program so the plan is to start halfway through and just finish off the last 3 weeks. OR push for more than the 100 & 200.

July 11: Leave for Basic.

Be watching for his progress & results; they are going to be AMAY-ZA-ZING!!


Tiffany said...

What an awesome training schedule! (I love the nickname Hawkeye too). Looking forward to more posts on how the training goes.

Nike Trainer

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