Thursday, January 7, 2010

Meal Plan

My good friend requested that I post a monthly menu. I debated for a second whether or not I should; I wondered if we practice what we preach!! But part of my philosophy with nutrition and health is being REAL. Feeding a family of 6 good and nutritious foods in this economy {with our income being in retail sales... not exactly lucrative at the moment} can be REALLY hard!! So we make exceptions and do our best. It IS possible to be healthy even if you can't afford to eat all natural foods; we eat A LOT of rice, pasta, potatoes... it's all about portions!

So just last night I worked out our meal plan and my man did the shopping this morning. We haven't been to the grocery store FOREVER so we had to do things a little differently. Albertsons had a GREAT sale on meat so we stocked up and then built our meals around that. So here you have it; this is what we'll be eating for the rest of the month! We don't set specific meals to specific days, we just have a list and pick what we're in the mood for.

BREAKFAST: {you will NOT find cold cereal on this list!!! Do NOT skip this meal!! It boosts your metabolism & decreases urges to snack! It's the MOST important meal of the day!!}

720's {a breakfast roll that the man made up, it's like a mix between a breakfast burrito and a cinnamon roll. Hard to explain but KILLER DELICIOUS!!}
Quiche - loaded with meat & veggies
Biscuits & Gravy
Breakfast Burritos
Breakfast Sandwiches
Huevo Ranchero {our version has refried beans in addition to eggs, corn tortillas and salsa}
Eggs, Hashbrowns & Toast
Eggs, Sausage & Grits
Malt O'Meal
FRUIT - we eat A LOT of fruit
Smoothies {pre workout, with protein for the man... he keeps encouraging me to add it to mine too}

LUNCH: {Our lunches are generally the EASY meal of the day.}

Turkey Sandwiches
Mac & Cheese {homemade ONLY}
Chicken Salad

SNACK: {after school the kids are usually REALLY hungry. So they have a snack before hitting their homework}

Turkey Rolls {tortillas with turkey, cheese and pickles}
Cold Cereal {IF we have any}
Fruit {usually apples, bananas or oranges}
Crackers with turkey & cheese

DINNER: {A lot of our dinners are the fix it & forget it type (crockpot). I teach piano & violin lessons after school and I rarely have time to fix a good dinner after wards. Keep in mind that with MOST of these meals there will be a green salad as well; we also try to have some type of veggie &/or fruit side. We also on occasion will have desert, usually on Monday (family night), but not often}

Loaded Chicken w/ mashed potatoes
Reuben Sandwiches
Open Faced Sandwiches
Roast Chicken w/ potatoes, carrots & onions
Pork Chops w/ CousCous
Russian Pork Loin w/ rice
Beef Roast w/ baked potatoes
Elk Meat Loaf w/ mashed potatoes
Spaghetti Carbonara
Spaghetti {loaded with veggies}
Chili w/ baked potatoes
Hawaiian Haystacks
Veggie Burritos
Shepherds Pie
Pizza {homemade}
Chicken Noodle Soup {using leftover chicken from roasted chicken}
Chicken Enchiladas {also using leftover chicken}
Curry w/ rice {using leftover beef from roast}
Leftover Night {we have to schedule at least one of these a week, sometimes two. We make up menus by what is leftover in the fridge. We have waiters and a chef. VERY FANCY!

So there it is. We VERY RARELY eat out. We drink A LOT of water. I'd LOVE to see what's on YOUR table... with the adjoining recipe of course!!


Andrea Lee UptonRowley said...

I am so with you on the pasta, potatoes and rice. ha ha!
Money is tight when you have four kids to feed.
You are the one who got me meal planning in the first place.
Go Leslie!!!

Nike Trainer

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