Monday, February 1, 2010

Tread to the Mill

I wish I had a route that actually went from Tread Rd. to Mill Ln. but unfortunately that’s just my snarky way of saying a treadmill run. This last week I spent a good share of my fitness time on this particular route because it’s been so cold outside. Here’s my update for last week.

Marathon Training Week 8: Yeah! Finally a longer run. I never thought I would say that but by the time Saturday rolled around my legs were absolutely aching for a hard run. Monday and Wednesday were good runs. I’m approaching four miles in a 30 min. time frame but not quite there, at least on the treadmill. On Saturday I really asked a lot of myself though and I’m so glad that I did. I completed the 7.5 miles in 1:03:54. My legs thanked me all day.

100 Push Ups Week 2: This routine is just starting to get really tough. I’m approaching it with a no fail attitude but if I need to repeat a week I’ll do it. On the Saturday push I didn’t maximize like I had hoped. I had to get 20 and I got in 23 but after four sets already with a minimum of 14 I’ll take a measly 23.

200 Sit Ups Week 3: It’s always nice when your workout carries over to your real life isn’t it? This week on Tuesday I went snowboarding and after maxing my sit ups that morning at 36 I felt it all day as I was trying to bust through the powder. It was such a good ache! By Saturday I only maxed at 32 but there was an extra set thrown in there by the routine. Sneaky sneaky.

Hawkeye over. Line secure.


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