Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Let's Move

I read about First Lady Michelle Obama and a new program she is spear heading in the paper today and HAD to find out more. It's called "Let's Move" and it's a program to give the tools to families to work on the problem of obesity, especially in children, in this country. The website is and here is the video from that site:

So... I LOVE IT!! We have a major problem in this country with obesity in both adults and children/adolescents. I think it's super important to teach our kids how to make healthy choices. But I love that this covers nutrition AND fitness! I have high hopes for this program!

There is a link for "Healthy Choices" and there you can find all kinds on links for making healthier choices. Things like eating, shopping, cooking, living and general information. And YES, a I've got some of those links already here on the sidebar but I'll probably add some of theirs as I am able to check them out.

Another link is for "Healthier Schools". I am glad to see this. She really wants healthier foods offered not only for breakfast & lunch but in the vending machines. Our kids spend SO much time at school and they have a lot of crap available. I hope to see some great changes here!

The next link is "Physical Activity". BOO-YEA!!! Kids have NO idea how awesome it is to be active. They are too busy sitting in front of a computer, TV, cell phone or game system! It makes me CRAZY!! Great ideas here.

And the last one is "Accessing Healthy & Affordable Food". There are so many in this country who struggle to keep food on the table. This is there to help find places and programs to help. But it also has info to help increase farmer's markets and coalitions... gotta love THAT!

So regardless of your political opinion on the Obamas, this is a FANTASTIC tool. One I am really excited to find more about!


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