Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Run a Mile in My Shoes

I have needed shoes for MONTHS. With Christmas and kid's birthday's it's ended up on the back burner. But I'm starting to shop and hopefully will have a new pair of shoes on my feet within the month... or so.

I am a FIRM believer that you've got to find the best running shoe for YOU! I have loved my Nike Alvord trail runners. But since I'm doing a lot more road running than trail running I am on the hunt for MY best shoe.

I started out yesterday by talking to someone at a shoe store. I figured if that's all they sale, they should know what they're talking about right? We talked about my feet and what I need these shoes to do. I tried on a few pairs, tried some inserts and went home with a few options. EXCITED!!

Today I got online checking out more about this shoe: Asics GT-2140. I found a GREAT tool on their site: go HERE for an easy foot analysis. So I checked out the newer version {the GT-2150} and I think we'll be a great fit; especially with an insole. BUT then there is the Kayano-15 that is "supposed" to be THEE shoe. I think I'll see if I can't find someplace that has it so I can try it on. My running shoes are one thing I will NEVER buy without trying on first! The Kayano-15 is last year's model {they now have the Kayano-16} so maybe I can get myself a DEAL?!!

Any suggestions? Seriously... I want the best shoe I can find for ME... even if I have to try on every shoe this side of the Great Plains {give or take 100 miles... wink wink}!


Scott and Manda said...

I just got the Nike Air Max 2009 and I LOVE them! They are heaven... I'm all about the support and cushion and they've got both!! Oh and they're also bright pink :)
Good luck!

Crystal said...

I just got the asic gt-2140. I love them. Of course i haven't run in them yet, but my feet stay cool and breath well. They are a good walking and everyday shoe too. I didn't get the insert they suggested though. I liked the way the shoe felt without them. It raised my foot up and made it feel like I couldn't get the shoe tight. Have fun shoe shopping. I went to Lady foot locker.

Melissa said...

Have you ever heard of "road runner sports"? I'm looking for running shoes right now and went to their store. They put you through a running abalysis. They even video tape your feet while running on a treadmill to analyze what kind of shoes you need. They figured out exactly what I needed and there were only 3 shoes that fit the description. I tried on the shoes found 1 PERFECT pair and left. Now I'm ordering them online. Great store if you have one nearby!

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