Saturday, February 6, 2010

Got Toenails?

My friend told me about a shirt that she saw that said, "Got Toenails?" and she thought of me!! I don't know if I should be flattered that she thought of me or embarrassed about my toenails. I know no offense was intended so I'll take the flattery; heck maybe I'll even buy me one of those t-shirts!!!!! Yes I have all 10 toenails BUT they aren't exactly the most beautiful nails in the world. One of them is horribly afflicted and another {despite my meticulous clipping} loves to dig into it's neighboring toe, so unless I tape it up really good you can bet I'll have bloody socks after every run!

Like today, we went on an AWESOME 5 miler. It was just cold enough to make you want to keep moving. We have quite a little running group now and it is so much fun to run and train together. Anyway, we pushed it hard: 45:57. And it felt GREAT! So back to the toe, I look down at my shoe and I could see a red hue to my shoe right where that blessed toe is. GREAT!

UGH! I really just need to go to Costco & buy a great big huge box of band-aids!!! That or dig out the duct tape and use it again. Now that I think of it, duct tape worked great. Scratch that mega box from Costco, I'm pulling out the duct tape!!!

Please tell me I'm not the only one with toe woes!


Kim said...

I am not embarrassed by your toenails. I just feel bad you have to deal with it. I also just know it is something you have struggled with. Thus you coming to my mind when I saw the shirt. Good luck don't forget duct tape next week 9 miles will kill you if you are bleeding.

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