Friday, February 12, 2010

Operation Beautiful

I came across this website today and I spent the last 15 minutes looking at all the photos and crying. Oh My HECK!! Go to; its seriously so AWESOME!

This is an amazing idea and I am SO on board! I could imagine myself in high school, walking into the locker room and seeing a note pasted on the mirror saying that I'm beautiful inside and out; I'm pretty sure that I could have used that a time or two! Or walking up to the treadmill at the gym and seeing a note telling me that I'm strong and beautiful... I can guarantee that I would have a killer run; proving to myself that I AM strong AND beautiful!

Post-It notes has just been added to my shopping list.


Crystal said...

you can have some of my post it notes. Alexis has colored pictures on most of them...they are very motivating!

Tiffany said...

Totally awesome idea! I think I need to put a pack of post-its in my purse!

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