Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Soda Pop HAS to Stop

My family is really good about NOT drinking soda. Our kids don't even get their first drinks of soda until, oh... 4 years old. My husband doesn't touch the stuff; okay maybe the occasional Henry Weinhard's but seriously, that's ONLY for special occasions... like maybe holidays! I, however, am a closet soda lover!! We NEVER buy the stuff... because if it's around... I WILL DRINK IT!! There, I said it. Do I favor one soda over another? Not really! If it's bubbly, I'll drink it... unless it's diet, no way will I drink diet. What's sad though is I may not even really LIKE it but I STILL DRINK IT!! I HATE the way my body feels afterwards too. But does that stop me? No. Sigh.

As of late I have been drinking A LOT of soda too. 7Up has to put out their so super yummy Pomegranate flavored drink on the shelves this time of year and I cave... big time. Plus I took my four kids on a little road trip and I think I drank more soda in that 2 day period than I did in our entire 8 day vacation in October. YUCK!

Why do I do this to myself? I feel dehydrated and grimey. Carbonation is so horrid. Whether it's in soda or water {don't even get me started on how stupid I think THAT is} carbonation is just not good for you! Those little bubbles detroy the nutrients and digestive enzymes in the food we eat. It makes bones brittle. For crying out loud I use Pepsi to clean off my car battery!!! I can only imagine what the stuff is doing to my digestive tract. And though those Diet sodas may toot the Zero-Calorie horn, the sugars in diet soda are WORSE for you!! Thank goodness we're down to just 2 cans of soda left in the house. I've got my bottle of water following me around the house again and I'm sure I'll be feeling MUCH better soon!


karen@fitnessjourney said...

I'll always remember a co-worker (thin and adorable) who brought in a picture of herself years before she lost 75 pounds. She said that the only thing she did is give up the six-pack of soda she drank daily. She did switch to diet soda and I know it's not good either, but at least she wasn't getting all the sugar.

Tiffany said...

I'm trying to kick the *diet* soda habit myself. Hubby loves the soda. If it's around I drink it but I'm trying to stop completely. There really isn't anything remotely healthy about soda. Thanks for the reminder :)

Scott and Manda said...

DITTO!! I LOVE soda. I know exactly how bad it is but for some reason it doesn't stop me! :( The ridiculous thing is once I start soda I start to put on weight like CRAZY. You'd think it would make me stop right? Nope! It's a constant struggle for me to not drink it. Especially around the holidays, when it's "tradition" to have Coke with Christmas breakfast!!! (and everything else...) lol And I don't even LIKE COKE!!!!!!! So I know exactly how you feel!

Kim said...

This is my #1 weakness. We were weened off the bottle onto Diet Coke. I have always justified to myself that if it is Diet, it is OK. Who am I kidding? Clearly not my waist line.

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