Friday, December 11, 2009

Army Strong

I haven't disappeared. PROMISE! I have slacked a bit, okay A LOT, with running and working out. But I have a REALLY good reason. See we have been COMPLETELY engrossed with applications for the military. Unless you've filled out those papers, you have NO IDEA what is involved!!

Long story... short version. We originally applied for the Air Force's officer program but out of 1500 applicants, they only accepted 72... we weren't among them. So we tried Army, since we had done so much of the application for the Air Force it didn't take nearly as long to get everything lined up, turned in and sent on it's way {thank goodness}. After that it was REALLY FAST! He passed the board and was sworn in as a "Future Army Specialist". He enters basic training in July. "Stonewall"... that's my man's new nickname, well at least until I think of a better military one, he's not much of a stone wall... but don't tell him I said that. He's super EXCITED! We're excited too. He will be an officer by this time next year!! He was given a packet with all kinds of goodies. My most favorite thing is this flip book, the Army Pocket Physical Training Guide. Oh it's awesome! It's full of exercises and workout routines to prepare these future Army soldiers for the physical demands of their initial training. I am hoping to do some of these exercise sessions with Stonewall, I'm sure they'll kick my butt back in to gear!

We're not just STRONG... we're ARMY STRONG!


Anonymous said...

might want to change ur pic hon, that one is of the marines. :)

leslie mae said...

I realized that but haven't been able to find a good "Army" officer photo yet... thanks for the reminder!

**I wasn't sure about the one I just posted either, the color doesn't look quite right but was under Army Class A.

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