Monday, December 14, 2009

The Countdown Begins

So my Sister-In-Law did it. She convinced me to run a marathon. GASP! I've had my reasons for putting it off. And despite the fact that the requirements I've given myself haven't all been met, I'm going to go for it anyway. This is going to be my "MARATHON Year!" Stonewall and I are going to run one together before he leaves too. It will help him be tip top shape before heading in to Basic.

... I am starting Jeff Galloway's Marathon Training Schedule TODAY!! On the rest days I will be doing a variety of strength training workouts... pulling from P90X, Wii Fit, Jillian Michaels workout DVD's and the like. I like to mix things up, keep my body {and mind} guessing!

I have already identified my BIGGEST HURDLE: the darn treadmill! I hate the thing. I hate that I'm not outside. I hate that the speed isn't the same as running outside. I hate that time & distance seem to EEK by. I hate how it's so noisy {I don't like to listen to ANYTHING while I run, well except for my feet hitting the street & other outdoor noises!}. UGH! There is more BUT I have GOT to change my attitude.

I picked myself up a couple books on tape: Hitler Youth {I am a WWII geek} and my M-I-L brought over The Time of My Life by Patrick Swayze and Lisa Nieme. I am REALLY hoping that they keep me occupied enough that I forget I'm on the treadmill or at least make it bearable.

Got any pointers for my first marathon?


Miz said...

Im soooo excited for you.
and NOT to toooot my own podcast but DietGirl and I had a marathon expert on our second podcast.
she REALLY HELPED me with my training too.
look here: for the linkage.


Kim said...

Wow, I really like that schedule so much better. It is so much more dooable considering my crazy schedule. Plus having it starting right now would keep me motivated. I may just have to copy you and go with this schedule instead. Thanks so much for posting it.

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