Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Weekly Weigh-In

How often should you weigh-in? DAILY? WEEKLY? MONTHLY? I happen to think that it's strictly personal. Here are some things to consider. Let me know if you have any others to add & what works for you!

* If you weigh in DAILY you see fairly INSTANTLY the IMMEDIATE effects of your exercise and nutrition habits. That Easter candy you HAD to munch on last night while reading in bed doesn't look so good anymore does it?! Or the fact that you had a killer workout that brought you closer to your goals.
* HABIT. Do it at the same time. Either the same time of day or same time each week.
* Regardless of when, weighing in can make you more ACCOUNTABLE and FOCUSED on your goals.
* Daily weighing can lead to SCALE OBSESSION & possibly eating disorders. It can also lead to discouragement; remember that your weight fluctuates by as much as 2 pounds daily, more so for women when their menstrual cycle nears.
* If you weigh monthly the best time is just after your period has ended; obviously this isn't for the MEN who may happen upon this blog!

I tried weighing myself daily for about 3 months. I have since switched to weekly. With the history I have, it was too difficult EMOTIONALLY. So I weigh in every Tuesday morning, after my workout but before breakfast. Seems to be working GREAT! But I am totally ready to quit weighing-in all together if even that is too much for me. Like I ALWAYS say... it doesn't really matter what that STUPID scale says!! If I'm FEELING good, that's what REALLY matters TO ME!


Kim said...

Your awesome! Thanks for the tidbit of advice.

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