Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Lots of Randomness

I have DETERMINED to have a good workout week and thus far I'm doin GOOD! Monday I did the P90X Chest & Back workout and my family went swimming so I was sure to do a few laps {I laps}. Tuesday I did my Turbo Jam {rather than the P90X Plyometrics}, 15 minutes abs {done every Tues & Thurs when we do our Turbo Jam workout} and the P90X Ab Ripper. Today I will be doing the P90X Shoulders & Arms. A few thoughts I've had lately:

* Park your car farther from the store or work and WALK

* Do some crunches, leg lifts, plank, wall sit {or SOMETHING else} while watching TV.

* Don't drink so much stinkin SODA! And while I'm at it; lay off the ALCOHOL! {those two deserve a post}

* With Spring comin soon {not for me, we're still getting SNOW} work in your yard, push mow your lawn, plant a vegetable garden...

* Get a friend to workout with; help each other stick to your GOALS

* Set realistic goals. Set SMALL goals and LONG TERM goals. Celebrate when you achieve them!

* PLAY! Get on a TEAM {basketball, volleyball, softball, soccer... ANYTHING} or just play with your KIDS!

* Get a group of friends together and TAKE A HIKE! Find new trails in your area. EXPLORE & ENJOY the great outdoors!

* Try something NEW this summer: rock climbing, waterskiing, kayaking, dance...

The point is to live a healthier more active lifestyle! And have fun too! What works for you? Let me know & maybe it will help the rest of us!!


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