Thursday, April 16, 2009

Egg Recipes

At the request of my friend, KATE, here are a few of our favorite egg recipes! Just because they are on my fitness blog DOESN'T make them the healthiest of choices but they sure are yummy!

EGGS BENEDICT {my personal FAVORITE breakfast of ALL TIME}
8 eggs
4 english muffins
8 slices canadian bacon
hollandiase sauce {can use packet or if you want our homemade version comment with your email}
8 swiss or provolone cheese slices
*asparagus {a must in my opinion but can be considered optional}

Fry or poach eggs. Toast English muffins. On each slice of muffin top with a slice of cheese, c. bacon, egg, a few stalks of asparagus & drizzle with hollandaise sauce. YUMMY!!!

HUEVOS RANCHEROS {I think the real thing has the egg & salsa cooked together}
8 eggs
refried beans
8 corn tortillas
sour cream

Fry eggs {we fry ours without butter or anything on a griddle}. Fry corn tortillas. Warm beans in saucepan. Top each corn tortilla with beans, an egg, cheese & top with any combination of salsa, sour cream and hot sauce.

We also LOVE: quiche, frittatas, & egg salad sandwiches, *If you want any of these recipes comment and I'll be sure to post them!

Check out the INCREDIBLE EGG website to see some AWESOME facts about eggs, their nutritional content and weight management/muscle growth!!

Nike Trainer

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