Saturday, April 4, 2009


Last night I was invited to the gym with my friend, WAHOO! She has a membership and they are able to bring a guest with them on occasion. LUCKY ME!! We ran on the treadmill {my favorite}, lifted a few weights and had a go with the elliptical. I must admit that I am TEMPTED to get a membership myself {I can't but it's tempting none the less}!

Here's what I LOVED about it:

* NICE EQUIPMENT!! Those machines can do just about anything and probably do the dishes too. The treadmill had a button for a 5K; how sweet! NICE STUFF!!
* MOTIVATION!! Having a friend to go workout with helps me actually go workout. Said friend has been going every night for about an hour. Plus if I was paying for a membership I'd want to make sure I used it so I wasn't flushing my cash down the tube!

Here's what I DIDN'T love:

* $. I would LOVE to be able to afford a membership but it's not something I can justify right now.
*Goin at it ALONE. I stand in front of all those free weights and weight machines and I think to myself, "Hmm. Self? What should I do? I have NO IDEA!!!" I need someone there to show me what muscle groups to work that day, how to work them, what order to work them in AND make sure that my form is correct so I DON'T INJURE myself!!! {Side note: that is one thing that I DO LOVE about P90X; he makes sure you're doing it correctly}

I had a great time. And I hope that I get invited along again sometime in the future!


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