Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Woahs

Did you know that Easter is the SECOND candy giving holiday? So we all probably have a TON of candy around the house right about now. I've been watching my nutrition intake on SparkPeople; something I've NEVER done. I was surprised by how many calories are in even a small candy bar. YIKES!! Prior to my lifestyle change I would down holiday candy and goodies without even thinking twice. NOT ANY MORE! I have really watched myself but I've also found that I'm not craving the goodies like I used to. Though if I'm honest I have 3 Huckleberry Cordials sitting on my night stand that are SCREAMING my name!!! {These things are TO DIE FOR}! Go easy on the candy & goodies though and I think you'll find that you don't really WANT them anymore; I DID!

We love eggs at our house. We eat A LOT of them. {I even discount piano lessons for a couple families who bring me eggs each week}. Did you know that the quality of protein found in eggs is second ONLY to mother's breast milk? How AWESOME is that?! Eggs are great for you and are a quick and easy breakfast option {we don't even purchase cold cereal}!! So if you have a PLETHORA of boiled eggs around the house, whip up some potato salad, egg salad sandwiches, deviled eggs... The possibilites are fairly endless!!!


Kim said...

I agree, the less candy I eat the less I crave. I never thought that would happen. The minute I start to indulge again I start craving it again. What a cycle.

Kate said...

Got any simple egg recipes? Our theme for recipe club tomorrow is eggs and I still haven't found a recipe.

Nike Trainer

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