Monday, April 27, 2009

Nothing Profound

My family and I took a little mini vacation this week. I loaded up the car with HEALTHY snackage and some not so healthy stuff too. I've always been a sucker for fruits & veggies to it's nothing super big that I inhaled a bag of carrots like I am part rabbit. I brought along my favorite healthy drink SPICY HOT V8, oh baby how I love that stuff! On the way there I ate grapes, orange grape tomatoes, bananas and carrots. Plus I drank enough WATER to fill the Great Salt Lake! Yea for me!

While we were there I did pretty good. I ate healthy and was careful about what treats I ate. And those treats were OH SO GOOD!!! I'll admit that I had more than I SHOULD have but I'm also of the mindset that I SHOULD indulge A LITTLE BIT every now and then! My downfall was the drive home! Most of our healthy stuff was now gone and I was left with pretzels and chocolate chip cookies!!

My workouts for this week are:
Monday - Run 30 minutes
Tuesday - P90X & Ab Ripper
Wednesday - Run 30 minutes
Thursday - P90X & Ab Ripper
Friday - Run 30 minutes
Saturday - Run 2.5 miles & Ab Ripper


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