Thursday, May 19, 2011

Tractor Tire Toss

Remember all those posts ago that I talked about cross fit?  Well today I finally made it over to Cunningham, a cross fit gym, to workout with Xena Warrior Princess.  Luckily there were some other of the girls that showed up cause I couldn't have done this one on my own!!

Xena had a great workout for us.  I had just gone for a nice walk with Jeni {I am still waiting for a brilliant and adorable nickname for this dear friend of mine, I'm leaning to June Bug but I'm not sure if I love it enough}.  So anyway, I was nice and warmed up already.  But we went ahead and did some cool walking pushup warm up stretches and some squats with kettlebells {mine was WAY too heavy}.  Then we did some sit ups with medicine balls.  Those were great.  We tossed them back and forth with a partner and then we did some other variations; add a medicine ball and you will definitely get a killer workout!

After we did all that as our warm up we headed over to do our actual workout.  Tractor Tire Tossing.  We had 3 girls on our tire, two on another and K-Lo's brother had his own.  We would flip the tire over twice then do 10 box jumps up on to it.  Then we would toss it two more times and do 10 push ups {inclined or declined}.  That was repeated 4 times.

Goodness I was toasted after that!  Xena demonstrated cross fit pull ups and I actually had the drive to want to do pull ups... I haven't cared for pull ups for ages, though when I was a kid I was GREAT at them!  I think I might actually start incorporating those into my workouts more often!

So today I tried something new.  Something that I always thought was pretty cool.  What are YOU going to try today?!!


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