Sunday, May 15, 2011

Bob Review

We took the fam to the zoo yesterday and I borrowed my friends fa-schmancy jogger stroller!  It's a Bob Revolution.  Initially I was looking at a double but after trying, unsuccessfully, to get it in the back of the car we decided we'll have to go with a single.  So I asked if I could borrow the single for the weekend and it was AWESOME!!  Here's WB snoozing away.
Some of the things I LOVED about this stroller.  It's super light weight.  I mean SUPER lightweight!  It rode so smoothly, this thing has some killer shocks!  We had some rough sidewalks that would have stopped our current stroller in its tracks, but the Bob went right over them without flinching AND Weston stayed asleep!  The front swivel wheel makes it versatile in outings such as the zoo easily maneuvered and yet locking the wheel in place makes for awesome jogging capabilities!!  I'm still torn on whether I'll get the stationary wheel or this version since MOST of what I'll be using it for is running but it would be handy for days like yesterday!

I'm going to wait to actually purchase a new stroller for two things to happen.  #1.  We get our orders.  I don't foresee our next duty station NOT being a place I will need a jogger stroller but there are restrictions with moving that I need to be sure of.  #2.  Personal Certification completed.  After I'm done with my certification, the purchase will be tax deductible.  Softening the blow that the cost of this puppy will be. 

Overall, I loved this stroller.  But before we sell a kidney for something like this, I've got to do ALL my research to be sure it's EXACTLY what we want.  Next stroller to test: Phil & Teds!


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