Sunday, May 15, 2011

Hot Mamacitas

This is THE workout group!  The one I've been talking about so much lately!  We are missing a couple of us but I am so glad that we got a picture!  These are TOUGH chicas!  They are AMAZING women; despite the fact that I have given them REALLY bad nicknames for this blog.  But they have influenced my life in ways they may never comprehend.  I SO look forward to these workouts!   
K-Lo.  She ALWAYS knows when I need a little boost.  She compliments me and encourages me.  I look up to her SO much! 
Foxy.  This chica is amazing!  She is a certified personal trainer and she makes sure that we are doing things correctly and helps modify moves to be either easier or more difficult!  YAY!!  She's also 20 weeks pregnant and looks flippin awesome!
Hibiscus. My beautiful Hawaiian friend!  She loves pink as much as I do!  She is so accepting of EVERYONE and always has the most beautiful smile on her gorgeous face!
Fashionista.  Fast friends this girl and me are!  She is so sweet and she makes THEE YUMMIEST TREATS!!!  {she brought my favorite tomato mozzarella & basil "salad" to a bbq just cause she knows I LOVE it!!}
Idahomie.  We "Idahomies" stick together out here in the sticks of Missouri!  I wish I was able to go workout with her and K-Lo in the mornings, but they workout RIGHT when Travis is at PT!  BUMMER! 
Rock & Ruler.  This Mama is urban chic and has ALL the cool gadgets!!!  She knows ALL about any baby/family/home related product you can think of and my go to girl when I need to know the run down!
Eskimo.  Not sure she loves the cold as much as I do but I have high hopes of the two of us in Alaska someday!  I envy this girlie.  She's got one heck of a food storage
Cali Queen.  My beautiful neighbor, who just had a baby 4 weeks ago but could strut her stuff at the beach and have heads turning!  She is so sweet and lets me ooh and aah over her sweet girl to my hearts content!
Wonder Woman.  I'm pretty sure she's one of the toughest girls around.  Former military and has some real grit!  She works out a lot and takes her kids right along with her every step of the way!  I need some of her strength, I think she has some extra she could spare me!
Xena Warrior Princess.  The ruler at the cross fit gym!  This girl puts us to shame!  She knocks out pushups {not the sissy girlie ones that I do} like it's child's play.  She in seriously. one. hot. mama!  Someday I'll be just like her. ... someday.
Sass-a-Frass.  She is so much of what I  hope I am or am trying to be!  She is so confident and spunky and fun.  She makes me laugh and is so amazingly strong. 
Who do you workout with?  Getting a group started is easy peesey!  Start telling your friends, talking to people at church.  Set a date and time and start showing up.  Some days it may be just a couple people {we have those days} and then there are days when there are TWELVE of you!!  It's a perfect way to make friends and get great workouts!


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