Sunday, May 1, 2011

To Race or Not to Race?

I recently found out that the Dam Races might not happen after all this year.  It's kind of a spendy race at $30 for the 5K.  So there is talk of having a family reunion that weekend instead.  Don't get me wrong, a family reunion will be great!  But I was really looking forward to running in the Dam Races again.  I hadn't completely decided on which race but it would have been the 5K or the 10K {which is the same price as the 5K}. 

The Jackson Hole Half is my favorite race of all time.  But I feel completely unprepared for it.  I keep telling myself that it would be worth it even to WALK half of it but I got my PR there last year and I REALLY want to beat it.  2:00.48.  POINT FOUR EIGHTHS of a second!!!  That's all I needed to break the 2 hour mark!  That kills me!!  But I know I'm not there.  Could I get there by then?  I would like to say YES.  I have 7 weeks until race day.  My miles aren't entirely off.  But...

I didn't get in any good runs this past week.  And it's proving very difficult to get the right number of miles in.  A jogger stroller would be Heaven sent but the one I REALLY want is too spendy for the next long while and I don't want to get a cheaper one because I know it will mean I'll never get the nicer one.  Plus if I wait until after I finish my personal trainer certification, that stroller will be a tax write off!  So until then I continue to run on the treadmill.  It's getting more and more difficult as those miles get higher up there.  Definitely not my favorite way to run! 

It helps my training significantly when I have a race to work toward.  I haven't ran a race just for me nearly 8 months!!  I have no idea where my race pace is right now.  I have no idea what kind of goal to put on myself.  I want to race to enjoy the race but the Cooke Competitiveness gets me calculating and I don't know if I could take it easy. 

So I continue to try and train, even if it isn't consistent enough.  I still have a little while to decide for sure before I have to pay dues.  But apparently I'm still struggling to find what I'm working toward right now.      


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