Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Pain in the Butt

Yesterday Alyssa and I met at the track for a GREAT workout!  We tried to get it started but WB would have nothing of it!  He said he was "freezing" so we decided to head over to the gym and I hoped and prayed he would cooperate so we could get in a decent workout!!  We guesstimated on the distance and I'm pretty sure we undershot BUT we did get a good workout.  I don't know about her but my b-hind is KILLING me today!

Here is our ORIGINAL workout.  {Since I'm not sure what our exact distances ended up being}

Warm up - .5 mile
Easy Stretch
Lunges - Walk - Lunges - Walk {100M each}
400M run
High Knees - Walk - High Knees - Walk {100M each}
400M run
Butt Kickers - Walk - Butt Kickers - Walk {100M each}
400M run
Iron Mikes - Walk - Iron Mikes - Walk {100M each}
400M run
Cool Down - .5 mile

Superman - Slow & Controlled 10x
Bridge - Slow & Controlled 6x - Fast for 30 seconds - Slow & Controlled - Fast for 30 seconds
Metronome - 10x each side
Plank Lift - lift one leg for 10 seconds & then switch - 3x - rest - repeat
Side Plank - 30 seconds each side - repeat
Pilates 100

Good Stretch

Let me know if you don't know specific moves and I will be sure to post the detailed instructions for you! 


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