Friday, May 28, 2010

What's Up Doc?

I haven't spotlighted a veggie for quite awhile; my bad! Sad considering how much I love them. Seriously. Love. Them. So I picked one of my all time favorite versatile vegetables. The carrot.
We have always told our kids that if they eat carrots they will be able to see in the dark! It is true that carrots help eye health. Have you ever noticed that a sliced carrot resembles an eye? I found a fun little website that had a lot of info on carrots. Go HERE.The FDA says this about the nutritional value of the carrot: fat free, saturated fat free, low-sodium, cholesterol-free, a good source of fibre and high in vitamin A.

No other fruit or vegetable has as much carotene as the carrot does, your body takes that carotene and converts it into vitamin A. Vitamin A is essential to strengthening the immune system, keeping the skin, lungs and intestinal track in order, and promoting healthy cell growth! And because beta-carotene is fat soluble, add a little butter when cooking and it will actually help the body make the best use of the nutrient!

The greens ARE edible and are full of vitamin K.

Aren't they gorgeous?!!
I LOVE bottled carrots! I love being able to throw them in whatever I am cooking and not have to wait for them to cook! I usually plant rows and rows and rows of carrots in my garden just for this purpose. Bottled gold!
A big favorite in this house is apple/carrot juice. We have an old Juiceman Jr. that we've had for years and year. It's AWESOME! Take a few Granny Smith apples and juice them and then add the juice from 2-4 carrots. Stir well. It will turn a funny brownish green color but it is SOO good! My kids BEG me to make it for them!

Just be careful not to eat TOO many... they will turn your skin orange!


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