Friday, May 28, 2010

Sandal Etiquette?

So someone asked a question in Runner's World {I know, I'm on a kick} and I'm not sure I like the answer. Question: I've lost a few toenails thanks to running. Is it impolite to wear sandals around nonrunning friends? Answer: Are they new nonrunning friends? If so, yeah it's kinda rude. If they're friends who know you {and your gross habits} all too well, it's fine.

Now. I have a really gross toenail. I'm pretty self conscious about it actually. I cover it up with fingernail polish but it doesn't REALLY cover it up. I've been REALLY debating having it removed permanently. I still wear sandals though... ALL summer. So this posed question makes me wonder if I have been "RUDE" by doing so. Not that I care one way or another, I sure as heck am going to keep wearing my sandals around anyone and everyone... regardless of whether you're a new friend, old friend or total stranger!

So what's YOUR opinion?


The Paxton Family said...

i don't think rude is really the right word. are people who are in car wrecks "rude" for not covering up scars they get on their face? it's not like you are refusing to wear deodorant or shower before you get on a plane or bus... it's how you look. and since you are running i'm imagining you're not too unhealthy looking, so go ahead and show off your toenails, or lack there of! i'm not a feet person myself, i think feet look weird at the end of our legs... but hey, i still wear sandals.
so "rude" no. that's just a dumb use of the word

ShutUpandRun said...

I say wear whatever you want and let people deal with it. If they are true friends, they know what's going on and won't care. If they aren't great friends, who cares anwyways???

Jen R said...

Who are these people wandering around staring at everybody elses feet?

Wear the sandles. There are plenty of people walking around with plenty of weird body parts. If your weirdest feature is a toe nail, you're doing alright.

DaphneB said...

I vote with everyone else. How is having a funky toenail "rude"? Rude may be pointing it out to everyone and making them touch it or sniff it or something. If they notice it and it bothers them, then they can just politely look away. Why are they staring at your dang toes in the first place?

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