Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Field Day

Today I spent the day at my kids' school helping with their annual field day. I was SO excited to help because Field Day was one of my favorite days! Second only to the day we ran a timed mile, it was by far my favorite day, but that's a different post. I remember running and jumping my heart out for field day. I remember that everyone did. Every time I see Anne of Green Gables, when she goes to the picnic, after being found innocent in the "falsehood" about dropping Marila's amethyst brooch into the Lake of Shining Waters... whenever I see Anne and Diana beat all the boys in the three legged race, I fondly remember back to my third grade year and how my best friend and I absolutely dominating that same race! I love that memory.

I really was excited about going today and seeing all the kids have as much fun as I did. I was looking forward to seeing my own kids "compete". I encountered a different Field Day than I expected. It was this morning that I realized that there really are more overweight kids now than when I was a kid. You can OBVIOUSLY tell which kids are active and PLAY outside vs. those who don't. My heart went out to those who fell into that second category; for those few minutes they were at my station I tried to encourage them as much as I possibly could. I desperately wanted to see any spark of enjoyment. It's hardly possible to help a child love fitness in that minuscule amount of time but I was determined to be positive and encouraging.

There was something else, this one had me red in the face! There was a boy who was "chosen last" and ended up without a partner. At the last minute a girl came and joined the group so they were paired together. In the next group over I hear some smart-alec kid yell "girl's name! I feel SO SORRY FOR YOU!" And he yelled it over and over and over again!! For some reason that just ticked me off. I went right over to that boy {SO NOT LIKE ME} and said something like "Knock it off. That isn't nice. Why would you say something like that?" Sugar coated, like I'm afraid of some lame 3rd grade snot of a bully. Maybe it's because I remember being chosen last and I hated it bitterly every time. Maybe it's because I know this boy {no he isn't my son} and I had some kid of surrogate mama bear episode. I hate bullies.

On a good note though. The sun decided to shine for at least HALF of the day. But at least it wasn't FREEZING {we are still getting SNOW}. We got to have a fun family picnic. My kids had a blast and did great. It seemed like most of the kids had a blast running around and being kids. Today and tomorrow are the last days of school for my kids! And we're going to have a FUN summer!


Crystal said...

It is really sad. The boy across the street is 11 and he outweighs me by a lot. I feel so bad for him.

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