Thursday, May 27, 2010

Runner's World Mag

I got my first Runner's World magazine in the mail yesterday. I used to LOVE when this baby came in the mail but I haven't subscribed to it for YEARS. I was so excited to see it grace the inside of my mailbox and I couldn't WAIT to flip through the pages. I thought I'd share a could things that BLEW MY MIND!

Marathon Records:

Zac Fredenburg has the fastest time pushing a stroller {with his 10 month old son}. 2:32!!! WOAH BABY! His PR sans stroller is 2:21:40!

Someone { I don't know who but I must find out} ran it BACKWARDS {as in THEY ran backwards, not running the COURSE backwards, hehe} in 3:43!! Yes way.

Fastest marathon while bouncing a basketball is 3:48

Michelle Frost "ran" a marathon on STILTS in 8:25!

Michal Kapral ran 26.2 while juggling three beanbags!

The fastest marathon finish by a team of five runner linked together is 3:38.

It's amazing what people can come up with to set a record but truth be told, I'm impressed by ALL of these!


Scott and Manda said...

That is awesome!! People are so creative, and/or weird! :)

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