Saturday, May 8, 2010

First is the Worst of all the Game

This morning was race #2 of the year. My second 5K. I was super excited for this one though! I had a bunch of friends there running too AND it was a FREE race!! That's right, FREE! Because running was meant to be FREE!!

Here I am with a few of the Marathon Mamas!! Without these girls I really don't think I would be ready for our Marathon in 4 weeks! They have made those long runs not only do-able but ENJOYABLE!! Thanks girls! I love ya!My neighborhood girls!! A few of us have moved away from that neighborhood but I will forever be grateful that we moved there and I had the chance to meet these women. Great friends. Period.An old valley friend was there too!! Isn't this chick just GORGEOUS?!! When I run, I look like crap! She makes running look GOOD!!!I am still floored by my race this morning! I was planning on running it with a friend; it would have been her first race and she was nervous. But she hurt her knee and couldn't make it. So I really had to get my head in the game and decide what my game plan was. I don't think I had it figured out until after it started!! Annie caught up with me and basically said, LET'S DO THIS THING!! Okay. Let's do!!
Here is my little fan club! My kids made "Go Mom" signs and I literally almost cried when I ran past them!! It was an amazing feeling to have them cheering me on!!And I REALLY can't believe the results! FIRST in the woman's division! Holy Smokes!! I didn't quite beat my PR. I should have looked down at my watch!! I KNOW I could have beat it!! There was a guy who was trying to sneak up and pass me at the end but there was no way I was going to let that happen!! So I blew him out of the water!! {Oh, sorry... that's my competitive side talking. I try not to let her out very often}

I got a certificate and a loaf of super super yummy bread!! Wow. I am blown away!! Next Saturday I have my first 10K of the year. I REALLY want to beat my PR and I really think I can! Is there a stronger word for addicted?


Andrea Lee UptonRowley said...

Good job Les!!!
I LOVE that picture of your kids cheering you on. So sweet!!
You are amazing!!

Nike Trainer

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