Saturday, March 13, 2010

Ticked Right Off!

Yesterday I mapped out an awesome 12 miler for today. I paced it off in the car to make sure I had my bearings and everything. I've been feeling great but haven't been able to get all my runs in with moving and being sick. My Mom was driving nearly 45 minutes to watch the kids so Hawkeye and I could run together! Plus a girl friend of mine was coming along too. I was SO STINKIN EXCITED!!!

Things went downhill rather quickly. Within the first mile I already had a side ache. Hawkeye starting limping around 2 miles {he hurt his ankle last week and apparently it wasn't as healed as he had hoped}. The hills came in to play at 3.75 miles. Hawkeye had to turn back about a mile later. He called my Mom and had her come pick him up. NOT what either of us were hoping for!

Annie and I trudged on up the hill. Luckily my side ache had subsided but those were some tough hills!! At 6.75 we had reached the top of the hills and made our way down. That's when I started having real problems. Both knees and my left ankle started hurting... CRAP!

I blame two things. 1. The Common Cold. I've been fighting with that bugger for about a week. Still coughing and sinuses are congested. 2. New Shoes. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my new shoes. BUT, they aren't exactly broken in yet {just 6 miles on them prior to this run}. There. Perfect explanations for the crappiest run EVER!

I managed to run fairly hard at the end; I HAVE to give all I have left in that last quarter-ish mile. But nearly instantly afterward my knee tightened up and hurt something awful. It seriously hasn't hurt that bad since my high school sports days.

So now I have a head game. Next week is an easy "off" week. But the week after that I've got a 14 miler. I WAS planning on just adding two more miles to this route; it's a great route and I need the hills. I was feeling confident and psyched for this and now my brain is trying to convince my body that it's too much. Hawkeye HAS to be at top performance level entering Boot, so if that means pulling out of the marathon... so be it. ARGHHH!!! I hope you can hear that cream through the ethernet!

On a positive note, cause I am ever so about being positive, aren't our bodies AMAZING?!! I just ran 12 MILES! Not only that but I am capable of running farther or faster... both actually! It's AWESOME!!! Monday is the beginning of a new week. And it is going to be GREAT!


Tiffany said...

Sorry the run didn't go as well as you hoped :(

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