Wednesday, March 10, 2010

10 Years & Counting

A few weeks ago The man and I packed up the car, left the kids with Grampa & Gramma, and we headed up to the ski resort where we were engaged 10 YEARS AGO to the day!!! Holy COW!!! We stayed in the same lodge where the big event happened. It was the most fabulous few days.

Day One: Arrived at said ski resort & got settled. I SO want this bad boy on my wall!We grabbed a most fabulous dinner; pork loin and halibut... I'm still salivating! During dinner Hawkeye gave me a new wedding ring {to replace the one I lost several years ago}. Isn't is GORGEOUS?!! We capped off the night watching Olympics, which only psyched me up even more!

Day Two: Hitting the slopes bright and early!! No new snow for days so it was a groomers kind of day but even a bad day here is better than the best day anywhere else!!! Here we are on the chair lift up our first run! I still got mad skills!!! What a workout too! My legs were on FIRE!We boarded all over that mountain! We took a million pictures. We smiled, laughed and had just an AWESOME time! There really is no place more beautiful, stunning or awe inspiring as this ski hill.After a killer day on the hill we decided to strap on the snow shoes. It was an absolute BLAST!! Here we are with the ski resort behind us. We had the most amazing view of the hill and the valley on the other side. Well worth the climb to get there!Day Three: We really wanted to board in some powder! Thanks to our hike the previous day we found the perfect place. We were able to get in a few run of perfect, untouched powder. There was even a jump for the man to play on. Oh it was the most perfect way to end out trip!I had to throw this one in there too. We hiked past the horses that the resort uses for their sleigh rides up to a yurt where they serve dinner {we so wanted in on that awesomeness but they didn't run on the days we were there... MAJOR bummer}! Isn't this guy just AMAZING?!It was the trip of a lifetime. I was on cloud 9 the entire time. It was THEE most perfect way to celebrate the beginning of my life with the man of my dreams!


karen@fitnessjourney said...

Your ring is gorgeous! Isn't it nice having a little couple time all to yourself?

Tiffany said...

What a completely awesome anniversary!! Congrats.

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